Cursed Coin of Kender Voices
donated by Stumbletoe Ropeknotter

The Cursed Coin of Kender Voices appears to be no more than a standard gold piece, and has the face of a kender engraved onto it.

History: A particularly cruel Black Robe decided that the standard methods of torture were not evil enough. Having heard stories of how hideous a bored kender could be, he journeyed to Hylo and kidnapped several residents. After locking them all into a single room, he used spells to record their every word, and then transferred their conversations into the coin. In all the world, there is no torture device as inhumane.

How it Works: When the Coin is placed upon the person of its victim (in a pocket, pouch, backpack, etc.), the poor sod begins to hear the voices of the dozen or so bored kender. This continues until the Coin is removed, or the victim goes completely and irreversibly mad.

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