Coin of Kender Pirhouette
donated by stephen

It's a small, steel coin. On each side is carved a picture of a spinning kender. This coin is not true money, and it can only be used as money if judged by its weight (for example, in places that use hacksilver).

History: The little-known kender handler Diffledoff Plumehair found a coin in his travels. He happened to have quite a bit of money that had already fallen into his pouch, so he scraped the inscriptions off the coin until he was flat. He was an artist of refute, and he took his knife and carved into each side a picture of a spinning kender. He smiled at his work, and then suddenly started to involuntarily spin in circles.

How it Works: It is a cursed item. It had been carved in an area of strong magic, and the mischeivous magic manifested itself in the coin. If the coin is in someone's possession, then as soon as battle or any important physical task begins he'll start spinning uncontrollably, moving at half his normal movement rate, being subject to a saving throw vs. poison (as of the stinking cloud spell--failure results in dizziness), and is totally unable to attack or do much anything useful. He can, however, try to bump into someone as he spins, but he has a -5 penalty to the attack roll when trying this (in addition to any penalties caused by his dizziness). The coin cannot be removed except by a /remove curse/, otherwise it will keep reappearing in the owner's hands.

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