Kender Coin of Returning
donated by Dara Flor'Tel (c/o Corynna Skylark)

The kender coin of returning is about the size of a silver piece. While certainly made of some sort of metal, it's coloration is mossy green with little gold polka-dots on both faces. The faces have a picture of the platinum dragon on one side and the three moons of magic on the other.

History: Contrary to popular belief, I (Dara) am not so absent-minded as most believe. Indeed, I have a high respect for kender. I also have a high respect for my artificing lab. I designed this coin shortly after Corynna's visit in which some rather valuable items mysteriously vanished.

How it Works: The kender coin of returning is, in some ways I must admit, a bit of a cursed item in the hands of kender. Interestingly, it works on rogues as well, though no one is certain why. Basically, this unusual-looking coin has enough "magic" in its own nature that any kender will pick it up out of sheer curiosity. Once in possession, the coin begins to act. Anything found by the kender will return to the place the kender found it within 24 hours. This gives the kender time to look at and admire what is in his or her pouches while letting the original owner retain their own valuables or not-so-valuables. While I say it's cursed for kender, it is not magically so and may be dropped at any time.

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