Coin of Persuasion
donated by Gaffleknot Furrfoot

The Coin of Persuasion appears to be a bright, silver coin, though it is really made of white gold. It has a symbol of an eye on one side and a triangle on the other side.

History: It's origins are unknown, but it appears to have been coined and minted in the Kingdom of Blodehelm, though it may have come from as far as Silvanesti, or even Mithas. No one really knows...

How it Works: The Coin of Persuasion can be used by anyone, regardless of race or ability in magic. The user must have the triangle side facing the victim of persuasion and then flip the coin immediately over to the side with the eye. The victim of persuasion may or may not go into a trance, it depends on his or her magical resistance. The person will now be susceptible to suggestions or "persuasions". For example, the user could "persuade" the victim to dance on one leg while crying like a chicken, or he could "persuade" the person to assassinate a king or some other high authority figure. Then the victim will awake and have no recollection of the "persuasion" trance. The victim will then have to carry out the "persuasion" unless the coin happens to be "borrowed" from possession of the user who "persuaded" the victim in the first place...

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