The Kender coin of teleportation
donated by Thistleprick Bookbinder

What does it look like? It looks like a large gold coin about three feet across and has strange(elven)writing on it

History: Who made it? How did you find it? We beleive the elves made it. I didn't find it a friend of mine, Redflame Furfoot(we call her Fred), and her travel partener, Rakshaksha (the Half-elf), found it one day while fishing. Their hooks got caught and there it was!

How it Works: What does it do? How does it work? It can transport anyone(not only kender, but they have the most fun with it) anywhere they want to go, insently! It works in conjuction with the Kender dagger of activation(see weapons) and with a thought the person or people toughing the coin are teleported to the place that the holder of the dagger wanted to go.

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