Coin of the Squeez
donated by Twigit Beachwood

It is a very nice looking tarnished, brass coin around the size of a quarter. On one side is a hoopak and a cat in a cross shape. The other side is a picture of the head of the last person to succeed.

History: It came from a land far to the east of Kendermore (around 3 miles off). Ages Ago (Ages=6 weeks), the Great (-ly unknown) Wizard Toorbacour forged it in the depths of the Mighty Mountain of Mightfulness (aka the Pig's Head Pub).

How it Works: Squeeze the coin for three suns and three moons (you may have 8 hours to sleep and 10 minute hourly breaks), and on the noon of the last day there shall be a great roar mighty enough to scare the greatest dragon. Then the next true master's head shall appear where it will forever be remembered (until the next person squeezes it).

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