Ring of Kender Transforming
donated by Chao Lord

The Ring of Kender Transforming looks like a normal ring with a "K" inscribed upon it. The "K" glows when the ring is put on. It is also embedded with pretty jewels. It is ornate, made of gold, and looks like something extremely valuable.

History: The Ring Of Kender Transforming was made by a wizard. The wizard was trying to make a ring that would change someone into a kender However, being forgetful, he forgot his name in the middle of the experiment, then wandered off looking for his hat.

How it Works: The Ring Of Kender Transforming is the bane of every living creature. The ring transforms any creature into a kender. This person would probably drop dead when he or she realized that he or she was a kender, but some enjoy it. The ring is not cursed, but most people who are changed by it do not remember that the ring transformed them. 1 out of 10 rings are "cursed", and instead of transforming a normal person to a kender, they transform a kender into a normal person. Also, 1 out of 11 of the rings is "blessed", and instead of transforming anyone, it keeps kender away from the person at all times.

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