Necklace of a Robe and Rotten Apples
donated by Iwayhara Daevarien

It's a dark shaded robe [which has seen it's better day's] which is going throught several apples, in fact it's going throught one.. two..and that one... and that one...TWO apples.

History: Probably some child thought it was funny to stick a robe throught several apples, and then tie it's ends together so it look like a necklace. It must had fallen into mud when the child bored, and some lucky Gully Dwarf found it and picked up this marvelous necklace.

How it Works: It looks ugly and creates awful smell. No human, elf, dwarf or even Goblin dares to come near the owner of this smell possessing item. Logically, it -has- to be BIG MAGIC!

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