hairpin of eternal charisma
donated by Erion Swiftfinger

It is a 7 cm long hairpin, made of silver. You can see a red rose, made of gold and a single ruby.

History: A young and beautiful mage, called Sara Longhair, created it. She was so beautiful that lots of knights, lords and wizards wanted to marry her, but she always took advantage of them. Then she recognized that she could be very mighty, only by using her beauty. But she wanted to be more beautifully, so she enchanted an hairpin. This hairpin made her more charming and her power increased extremely.

How it Works: -used by humans, elves, etc... : permanently +3 to charisma -used by Kender: permanently +5 to charisma (because everybody will be fascinated how the kender has styled his/her hair with this hairpin) If you want to sell this item you can get 200-500 GP, if you sell it to a wizard or somebody who knows this story will you can get even more.

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