Bracelet of Entwining Love
donated by Gaffleknot Furrfoot

Bracelets of Entwining Love always come in pairs. It appears to be a colorful bracelet of bright yarn, wool, leather and feathers.

History: Bracelets of Entwining Love were created by the Pacifistic Kender tribe, the same creators of the Hoopak of Intense Pacifism.

How it Works: The Bracelets of Entwining Love are given by two scheming parents for a kender male and a kender maiden. When the wear it, they are immediately joined by strands of unbreakable material. They remain joined until the couple pronounces their undying love for each other and actually mean it! Marriage, of course, promptly follows. Once a day the Bracelets of Entwining Love spit out new strands around the kender couple to encircle them into even more compromising positions... If the kender couple say that they hate each other then the Bracelets will only work harder to make them love each other. In the end, the bracelets surprisingly produce the desired result. The longer the kender couple had to endure the trials of the Bracelet, the more they are in love with each other. Strange how love works...

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