Amulet of the Kender
donated by Insaniac

The amulet looks like a glowing golden amulet in a circle, within inscribed the words "I Love Kender."

History: This amulet was made by a group of powerful kender-supporters.

How it Works: When worn, this amulet imbues a fanatic following for kenders. It must be worn by a non-kender. When worn, this amulet displays a flashing red message across the wearer's forehead that says "I LOVE KENDER!" He will fight to the death for any kender, and will obey most commands made by the kender. This amulet also cannot be removed by a non-kender except for the wearer, although if the kender who originally put it on him/her tells the wearer to put it back on, they must. There is also a hating kender amulet, which is the exact opposite of this. Wearers of this one will attack all kenders in a rage if possible.

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