incisors of vicious rabbity type thing
donated by Swiftboot Woodchip

What does it look like?
it's the front two teeth from what looks to be a rabbit. These are attached to a string so it can be worn around the neck.

History: Who made it? How did you find it?
(i can't resist putting this one in even though it's coming from Monty Python, but it has the quality that makes it neat for kenders)
well, my cousin's very close friend Scuttlefoot Dustwheel was wandering through the woods one day when he came across a cave. as he steped closer to the cave he saw rusted armor and bones laying around as if there had been a battle there. as he was examining the armor and bones he noticed a large depression in the ground and what looked to be white fur around it. at the bottom of the depression was the incisors to what looked to be a rabbit at one time. Scuttlefoot found these very interesting so he pocketed them, later making them into a necklace. it wasn't until later when he banged his knee and shouted out "ouch! my knee" that the magic happened, for when he went to talk to a rather large man about purchasing a few supplies the man looked at him and began to scream. he ran away frightened and shouting something about a horrible nasty mean kender.
(Scuttlefoot did explore the cave and only found some strange writting on the wall and a dead animated monster)

How it Works: What does it do? How does it work?
well, whenever the wearer shouts the word "KNEE (or NEE)" the incisors active, temporarily making the kender the scariest thing ever to anyone that looks at him (or her of course).

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