Rings of Skylark
donated by Skip Furrfoot

These two rings are identical in make, being of a strange gematic type of material. The two bands themselves look like a green marble colour, with silvery speckles inlaid into the stone. In the center of the ring is a round-cut emerald, encircled by small amber gems around it. On the inside of the ring is engraved these words- "The winter's leaf, bright in the climate of dreams; forever"

History: The Rings of Skylark were made as wedding bands for the two half-elves, Nathal Winterleaf and Cynthia Driftwing. They grew to know and love eachother in time, then soon were married after many adventures in the lands of Southlund, in Solamnia. The original rings were mere gematic bands, but Cynthia's own ring was destroyed by a cleric serving the Lord of Undeath, Chemosh. The two existing rings were fashioned after Nathal's own, taking what was left of his to create the new. The cycle of life, in a way. Within Skylark Castle they were made, and on the hands of the two who's love gave birth to them do they rest.

How it Works: The Rings of Skylark are much like starjewels and leafjewels, well, in a way. These two bands are a bond between lovers, whether they be parted or not. A limited form of telepathy exists between the two wearers, able to sense if the other is well or ill, and are linked in that way. Once a day the user may teleport back to Skylark Castle with use of the ring they have, only needing to think of it.

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