Star Seeker's Pendant
donated by Abrya Treesinger

Well, this thing is really great! It's a silver pendant with a bright blue stone in the center, hanging from a silver chain... And when it gets all magiced-up, the stone glows!

History: Okay, so I was walking by this lake, minding my own business. And the pendant fell from the sky! BOOM! Landed right at my feet. So I picked it up. And just as I started to walk away, this woman appeared in from of me. POOF! Out of thin air! And she was wearing robes the same color as the stone, and she was looking at me with a REALLY angry expression... So I ran. ::shrugs:: I think she was rabid. But, I forgot to give her the pendant back, so I guess she wanted me to keep it.

How it Works: When you put your hands around the pendant and think REAL hard,(Note: The person must be wearing the necklace as they do this.) the blue stone starts to glow. Then the most glorious thing happens! You turn into a little pinpoint of light! And you can float up and visit the stars! That's why it's called Star Seeker's Pendant!

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