Nose Ring of Appendage Growth
donated by Thorn Chapak III


What does it look like?
It is a silver ring worn through a pierced hole in the nose.
It's so small that only a kender could wear it in some
small comfort. (Just don't pick your nose!)

Who made it? How did you find it?
I found it just lying there on some old lich's table
while he was looking though a spellbook or something. He
said he was going "discomboobulate" or "disencorperate" me
or something like that. Any way I found out what it does when
I put it in my nose. (Let me tell you, trying to pierce your
nose when you're hanging upside down over a pot of acid is
pretty difficult)

How it Works:
What does it do? How does it work?
The item only functions for kender.(Because only they can
wear it. ) Once per day the kender can grow a pair of new
appendages. They could be almost anything, like wings,
another head, eyes in the back of your head (wow!) or
another pair of arms with lockpicks of hands!!
The appendages will remain on the body for a day,
then vanish.

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