Necklace of the Rainbow
donated by Kenya Goodfellow

It is a beaded necklace. Each bead is a different color of the rainbow. It glows a faint blue color.

History: It was made by a mage named Xavier Pendragon. The necklace was a normal necklace until on day after it rained Xavier tryed out a new lightning bolt spell on it. The bolt of lightning came soaring down from the skies and struck the necklace in a bright flash that blinded me for a second. When I could see again I saw the necklace glowing. "You may take the necklace kender, my spell worked, the necklace is of no use to me," Xavier said to me. So I put it around my neck and walked off.

How it Works: The necklace allows its wearer to control the weather around him in a 300 yard radius(the wearer can make it snow,rain,shine,hail, whatever the wearer wants). The necklace also can turn the wearer invisible in the sun(a 55% chance). It also can allow its user to walk on the clouds in the sky(movement rate of 12). The wearer floats up to the clouds and when he/she is done he/she can float back down to earth.

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