Amulet of the Albatross
donated by Lockpick Swiftfoot

The Amulet of the Albatross is in the shape of a golden Albatross with emeralds for eyes.

History: It was made in a magical accident invloving me, 3 demilitches, a cow, an extraplanar being, and a portal to the negative energy plane. You see, I tried to milk the cow, witch caused the cow to moo in pain and run into the demilitches, who were fighiting the extraplanar being while one was preparing to inject them into the negitive plane. Anyway, the cow destracted the spell-casting demilitch at a crutial point, causing a massive magical explosion, destroying the demilitches and the portal, while the extraplanar being escaped through a planar portal. When the dust cleared, the amulet was left. It didn't look too good, but I took it anyway because I was the only kender there. Now I realize that its outward apperance is irrelevent.

How it Works: The Amulet of the Albatross will turn you into any bird that you have ever seen while you are wearing it whenever you feel like it. It will also turn you into a albatross even if you've never seen one while wearing the pendant.

Amulet of the Kender
donated by Insaniac

The amulet looks like a glowing golden amulet in a circle, within inscribed the words "I Love Kender."

History: This amulet was made by a group of powerful kender-supporters.

How it Works: When worn, this amulet imbues a fanatic following for kenders. It must be worn by a non-kender. When worn, this amulet displays a flashing red message across the wearer's forehead that says "I LOVE KENDER!" He will fight to the death for any kender, and will obey most commands made by the kender. This amulet also cannot be removed by a non-kender except for the wearer, although if the kender who originally put it on him/her tells the wearer to put it back on, they must. There is also a hating kender amulet, which is the exact opposite of this. Wearers of this one will attack all kenders in a rage if possible.

Badge of Kender Patience
donated by Gaffleknot Furrfoot

The Badge of Kender Patience looks like a nondescript, brown badge, similar to the kind constables wear.

History: Created by the collusion of clerics and mages after the creation of Kender by the Graygem of Gargath.

How it Works: The use of the Badge of Kender Patience is quite simple, really. The Badge instead casts a Slow spell of such strength that the kender is immobilized (well... moves really, really, really slow) for 1d6 days. Also the kender is unable to speak for for the duration of the that period. After the period is over, the kender who had worn the badge in the first place is unaffected from future enchantments by the Badge of Kender Patience. The obvious intent of the badge was to teach the kender a little bit of patience and not to be so boisterous. The intent backfired when the kender affected were turned insane by moving very slowly and being unable to speak for an extended period of time.

Bracelet of Entwining Love
donated by Gaffleknot Furrfoot

Bracelets of Entwining Love always come in pairs. It appears to be a colorful bracelet of bright yarn, wool, leather and feathers.

History: Bracelets of Entwining Love were created by the Pacifistic Kender tribe, the same creators of the Hoopak of Intense Pacifism.

How it Works: The Bracelets of Entwining Love are given by two scheming parents for a kender male and a kender maiden. When the wear it, they are immediately joined by strands of unbreakable material. They remain joined until the couple pronounces their undying love for each other and actually mean it! Marriage, of course, promptly follows. Once a day the Bracelets of Entwining Love spit out new strands around the kender couple to encircle them into even more compromising positions... If the kender couple say that they hate each other then the Bracelets will only work harder to make them love each other. In the end, the bracelets surprisingly produce the desired result. The longer the kender couple had to endure the trials of the Bracelet, the more they are in love with each other. Strange how love works...

Champions Amulet of Apocolyptic Death
donated by Orionthalas Tarrasqueslayer

A very nondescript amulet, blue/black in color

History: It's history is clouded in death and secrets. It was taken by a heroic elven warrior after he defeated the king of trolls.

How it Works: It whispers it's secrets to the holder. Even kender can use it, albeit the power is limited. The amulet itself is sentinent and (knowing kender) will limit it's power to simple mischeif unless the kender is of sterling character.

Dragon's Eye
donated by Red Wraith

A small orb grasped in a Black steel dragon's claw on the end of a steel chain.

History: It was forged by evil at the end of the age of legends.

How it Works: While worn, it slowly turns the character to evil, no matter what race or alignment it is. This can be removed simply by removing the necklace.

hairpin of eternal charisma
donated by Erion Swiftfinger

It is a 7 cm long hairpin, made of silver. You can see a red rose, made of gold and a single ruby.

History: A young and beautiful mage, called Sara Longhair, created it. She was so beautiful that lots of knights, lords and wizards wanted to marry her, but she always took advantage of them. Then she recognized that she could be very mighty, only by using her beauty. But she wanted to be more beautifully, so she enchanted an hairpin. This hairpin made her more charming and her power increased extremely.

How it Works: -used by humans, elves, etc... : permanently +3 to charisma -used by Kender: permanently +5 to charisma (because everybody will be fascinated how the kender has styled his/her hair with this hairpin) If you want to sell this item you can get 200-500 GP, if you sell it to a wizard or somebody who knows this story will you can get even more.

Hairpin of Kender Glory
donated by Gaffleknot Furrfoot

Steel hairpin, decorated with minute, high-quality jewels. It sparkles in the light. Shaped to resemble a slender, singing kendermaid.

History: The Hairpin of Kender Glory has the legend of being touched by every kendermaid on Krynn at least once. It has passed into possession from kender to kender. In fact, it's history isn't that much different from other kender magical artifacts. With one difference. It was created by a gnomish illusionist as a sort of practical joke on his kender cousins. Yes, quite a joke it turned out to be!

How it Works: The Hairpin of Kender Glory has a specific effect on each gender of the kender race. The Hairpin will call to all males that can see the hairpin to vie for possession for the Hairpin. This means "borrowing", gambling, fighting: in short, anything the kender can do to gain possession of the hairpin, they will. This means their handling skills are increased and the kender males will stop at nothing to get it. Now, there's a good reason why the kender males would want to gain possession of the Hairpin. To gain courtship of kender females! When a kender female wears the hairpin, she becomes... well, let's just say she become ALOT more attractive than she was before. The hairpin grants beauty to even the most hideous of kendermaidens. Now, any kendermaiden who has worn the hairpin for an extended period of time will gain the aftereffects of the Hairpin, even when not wearing it. Another side effect of the Hairpin is that it makes the kendermaiden who received it VERY grateful to the kender male. When I say grateful, I mean VERY VERY VERY grateful. As in, she's so grateful... well, you know...

incisors of vicious rabbity type thing
donated by Swiftboot Woodchip

What does it look like?
it's the front two teeth from what looks to be a rabbit. These are attached to a string so it can be worn around the neck.

History: Who made it? How did you find it?
(i can't resist putting this one in even though it's coming from Monty Python, but it has the quality that makes it neat for kenders)
well, my cousin's very close friend Scuttlefoot Dustwheel was wandering through the woods one day when he came across a cave. as he steped closer to the cave he saw rusted armor and bones laying around as if there had been a battle there. as he was examining the armor and bones he noticed a large depression in the ground and what looked to be white fur around it. at the bottom of the depression was the incisors to what looked to be a rabbit at one time. Scuttlefoot found these very interesting so he pocketed them, later making them into a necklace. it wasn't until later when he banged his knee and shouted out "ouch! my knee" that the magic happened, for when he went to talk to a rather large man about purchasing a few supplies the man looked at him and began to scream. he ran away frightened and shouting something about a horrible nasty mean kender.
(Scuttlefoot did explore the cave and only found some strange writting on the wall and a dead animated monster)

How it Works: What does it do? How does it work?
well, whenever the wearer shouts the word "KNEE (or NEE)" the incisors active, temporarily making the kender the scariest thing ever to anyone that looks at him (or her of course).

Kender Bracelet of Dragonability
donated by Darim Goldenleaf

It is a beautiful sapphire bracelet with rubies,diamonds,and emeralds put into gold settings. What does it look like?

History: This remarkable bracelet was found by Darim Goldenleaf when he was on wanderlust.He was traveling with a wizard on a mission of some kind or other,when the wizard disappeared.(He probally couldn't take anymore kender nonsense.)So then Darim found that he had the bracelet.He resolved to return it sometime,but instead donated it. Who made it? How did you find it?

How it Works: What does it do? How does it work?THis bracelet lets a kender have all the magical abilities of a golden dragon(no evil kender allowed to touch it,they will be disinegrated.Good riddance.)THe kender will be able to use these abilities once a day.

Kender Ring of Language
donated by Rey

A small, silver ring with strange runes carved into it.

History: It was originally created when a young red-robed mage was trying to create a ring that would allow him to speak or understand any language. He imbued it with magic and cast the spell, but the attampt failed.

How it Works: Instead of allowing the wearer to speak and understand any language, it simply changes the language in which the wearer speaks. Every time the wearer removes the ring and puts it back on it changes the language randomly. An interesting example of this is when the kender Hazzletop Jumpfoot put on the ring. It changed his language to that of a gaotsucker bird, but he could never again speak Common or Kenderspeak.

Medallion of changing
donated by Jawselton Lightfinger

What does it look like? A small gold medalion with a hoopak on it. And a silver chain.

History: Who made it? How did you find it? One day a kender by the name of Dingleberry Bobferapples was walking down the road. And out of no where a dwarf came barging out of his shop and was accusing him of stealing! The nerve of some dwarfs! Well any way he started to rant and rave about dingle being a theif. What nerve! So dingle kindly asked what it looked like and who it was for. Well it turned out is was made for the Duke of the forgotten way and he was getting it so that he could chop his way out of a round of cheese that he fell in. And it was magical and could turn into any weapon. So dingle walked away and felt in his pocket and their it was. Sohe thought "I have never been to the forgetten way so I will deliver it." But he never got it and i got it for my 16th bitthday

How it Works: What does it do? How does it work? You think really hard and it becomes any weapon you want. While holding it to your forehead.

Necklace of a Robe and Rotten Apples
donated by Iwayhara Daevarien

It's a dark shaded robe [which has seen it's better day's] which is going throught several apples, in fact it's going throught one.. two..and that one... and that one...TWO apples.

History: Probably some child thought it was funny to stick a robe throught several apples, and then tie it's ends together so it look like a necklace. It must had fallen into mud when the child bored, and some lucky Gully Dwarf found it and picked up this marvelous necklace.

How it Works: It looks ugly and creates awful smell. No human, elf, dwarf or even Goblin dares to come near the owner of this smell possessing item. Logically, it -has- to be BIG MAGIC!

Necklace of the Rainbow
donated by Kenya Goodfellow

It is a beaded necklace. Each bead is a different color of the rainbow. It glows a faint blue color.

History: It was made by a mage named Xavier Pendragon. The necklace was a normal necklace until on day after it rained Xavier tryed out a new lightning bolt spell on it. The bolt of lightning came soaring down from the skies and struck the necklace in a bright flash that blinded me for a second. When I could see again I saw the necklace glowing. "You may take the necklace kender, my spell worked, the necklace is of no use to me," Xavier said to me. So I put it around my neck and walked off.

How it Works: The necklace allows its wearer to control the weather around him in a 300 yard radius(the wearer can make it snow,rain,shine,hail, whatever the wearer wants). The necklace also can turn the wearer invisible in the sun(a 55% chance). It also can allow its user to walk on the clouds in the sky(movement rate of 12). The wearer floats up to the clouds and when he/she is done he/she can float back down to earth.

Nose Ring of Appendage Growth
donated by Thorn Chapak III


What does it look like?
It is a silver ring worn through a pierced hole in the nose.
It's so small that only a kender could wear it in some
small comfort. (Just don't pick your nose!)

Who made it? How did you find it?
I found it just lying there on some old lich's table
while he was looking though a spellbook or something. He
said he was going "discomboobulate" or "disencorperate" me
or something like that. Any way I found out what it does when
I put it in my nose. (Let me tell you, trying to pierce your
nose when you're hanging upside down over a pot of acid is
pretty difficult)

How it Works:
What does it do? How does it work?
The item only functions for kender.(Because only they can
wear it. ) Once per day the kender can grow a pair of new
appendages. They could be almost anything, like wings,
another head, eyes in the back of your head (wow!) or
another pair of arms with lockpicks of hands!!
The appendages will remain on the body for a day,
then vanish.

Rainbow Crystal
donated by Fizban

It's a crystal that has a tiny rainbow inside.

History: It was made by a Reorx who gave it to Paladine (that's me!), but I gave it to Tasslehoff.

How it Works: When you hold it in your hand, and when sunlight comes through it it makes a magical rainbow in the sky, where is a pot of gold at end of it.

Ring of Kender Transforming
donated by Chao Lord

The Ring of Kender Transforming looks like a normal ring with a "K" inscribed upon it. The "K" glows when the ring is put on. It is also embedded with pretty jewels. It is ornate, made of gold, and looks like something extremely valuable.

History: The Ring Of Kender Transforming was made by a wizard. The wizard was trying to make a ring that would change someone into a kender However, being forgetful, he forgot his name in the middle of the experiment, then wandered off looking for his hat.

How it Works: The Ring Of Kender Transforming is the bane of every living creature. The ring transforms any creature into a kender. This person would probably drop dead when he or she realized that he or she was a kender, but some enjoy it. The ring is not cursed, but most people who are changed by it do not remember that the ring transformed them. 1 out of 10 rings are "cursed", and instead of transforming a normal person to a kender, they transform a kender into a normal person. Also, 1 out of 11 of the rings is "blessed", and instead of transforming anyone, it keeps kender away from the person at all times.

Rings of Skylark
donated by Skip Furrfoot

These two rings are identical in make, being of a strange gematic type of material. The two bands themselves look like a green marble colour, with silvery speckles inlaid into the stone. In the center of the ring is a round-cut emerald, encircled by small amber gems around it. On the inside of the ring is engraved these words- "The winter's leaf, bright in the climate of dreams; forever"

History: The Rings of Skylark were made as wedding bands for the two half-elves, Nathal Winterleaf and Cynthia Driftwing. They grew to know and love eachother in time, then soon were married after many adventures in the lands of Southlund, in Solamnia. The original rings were mere gematic bands, but Cynthia's own ring was destroyed by a cleric serving the Lord of Undeath, Chemosh. The two existing rings were fashioned after Nathal's own, taking what was left of his to create the new. The cycle of life, in a way. Within Skylark Castle they were made, and on the hands of the two who's love gave birth to them do they rest.

How it Works: The Rings of Skylark are much like starjewels and leafjewels, well, in a way. These two bands are a bond between lovers, whether they be parted or not. A limited form of telepathy exists between the two wearers, able to sense if the other is well or ill, and are linked in that way. Once a day the user may teleport back to Skylark Castle with use of the ring they have, only needing to think of it.

Star Seeker's Pendant
donated by Abrya Treesinger

Well, this thing is really great! It's a silver pendant with a bright blue stone in the center, hanging from a silver chain... And when it gets all magiced-up, the stone glows!

History: Okay, so I was walking by this lake, minding my own business. And the pendant fell from the sky! BOOM! Landed right at my feet. So I picked it up. And just as I started to walk away, this woman appeared in from of me. POOF! Out of thin air! And she was wearing robes the same color as the stone, and she was looking at me with a REALLY angry expression... So I ran. ::shrugs:: I think she was rabid. But, I forgot to give her the pendant back, so I guess she wanted me to keep it.

How it Works: When you put your hands around the pendant and think REAL hard,(Note: The person must be wearing the necklace as they do this.) the blue stone starts to glow. Then the most glorious thing happens! You turn into a little pinpoint of light! And you can float up and visit the stars! That's why it's called Star Seeker's Pendant!

Tala's Clover Cross Of Good Luck
donated by Master Scribe Torin Kenderson

It is a pendant shaped like a cross.The cross has a four-leaf clover encircling it.

History: Created by Paladine,to help him remember his spells when he walks on Krynn as Fizban.Borrowed by Tasselhoff Burrfoot,who gave it to his friend Tala,who gave it to Master Scribe Torin.

How it Works: Found to help Kender enormously with not getting caught by the police.Has other special powers.One will let Kender summon one good/evil dragon a month.Another will let the Kender walk on air/fall gently.The rest are trivial even to Kender.

Talisman of Smoke
donated by Brightangel Thistlesong

It is a smoky grayish stone, The back is covered in a sturdy fabric that is black. It is on a golden chain

History: The History is unknown, and my father gave it to me as a coming of age present. His Great Grandfather gave it to him.

How it Works: The Talisman turns the wearer to smoke for 10 minutes, you can use it as many times as you would like. If you get stuck in a tight place that you can not foat out of you will stay as smoke until something lets you out.

The Chaos Charm
donated by Juniper Berrybane

Too much like the emerald charm...oh! You want a REAL description... It's round and it's carved with small pictures that move around when you look at them hard can be emerald or ruby when you take it out of your pouch, and it's hanging on a silver chain

History: I don't know where it came was given to me by a sad looking kender who looked a bit like me...she said to be careful, and when she said "Chaos" she winced a little...well, she gave it to me, then said "Chance? Has the spell ran out ye..." and she disappeared.

How it Works: If you put it around your neck...from the chain! The chain! It will change you into a really nifty creature...

The Fox-Tooth Necklace of Shape-changing
donated by Roadwalker Fullpouch

It's made of sinew and is decorated with the teeth of foxes with holes in them so that they can be be slipped on the string. It looks like just any old necklace except that it never gets dirty.

History: Nothing is known about who made the necklace, but it was found by Roadwalker Fullpouch when she fell into an abandoned fox den.

How it Works: It is kept in one's pouch until its powers are needed. Once the owner wears it, the magic of the necklace turns the wearer into a fox until the necklace is removed.

True Necklace of Healing
donated by Pockets

A necklace with 6 large gems and many smaller ones surrounding it. There are rubies, amethysts, emeralds, saphire, diamond. There are many others to. There are no repears in gem and the 6 large ones are red orange yello green blue purple. The surrounding ones are lots of other colors too.

History: It was made at first by a jeweler on request of a dieing mage rumored to me Raistlin. The jeweler picked only the finest gems and made sure to follow the mage's list of requirement.s After it was made Raistlin made each and every single stone do a different act of healing. the largest 6 are used for major ailments but the smaller ones are used for regular illnesses such as headaches and settling upset stomachs or coughs.

How it Works: Each and every single gem cures some sort of ail, The largest 6 gems cure very bad things but the smaller ones cure regular ailments.

Wolves Howl Pendent
donated by Howlermoon Silvergem

Suspended on a braided gold and silver chain,the pendent itself is roughly about 3 inches big and 1 and 1/2 inches across.It's pure obsidian and it's shaped to look like a wolf howing at the moon.

History: Created by Raistlin and Dalamar usng the darkest of magics,it was given to me for protection.

How it Works: When worn,it allows the wearer to call a pack of wolves to them.(But there is a 50% chance the user will not be able to control said pack..and when that happens...)

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