Badge of Kender Patience
donated by Gaffleknot Furrfoot

The Badge of Kender Patience looks like a nondescript, brown badge, similar to the kind constables wear.

History: Created by the collusion of clerics and mages after the creation of Kender by the Graygem of Gargath.

How it Works: The use of the Badge of Kender Patience is quite simple, really. The Badge instead casts a Slow spell of such strength that the kender is immobilized (well... moves really, really, really slow) for 1d6 days. Also the kender is unable to speak for for the duration of the that period. After the period is over, the kender who had worn the badge in the first place is unaffected from future enchantments by the Badge of Kender Patience. The obvious intent of the badge was to teach the kender a little bit of patience and not to be so boisterous. The intent backfired when the kender affected were turned insane by moving very slowly and being unable to speak for an extended period of time.

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