Hairpin of Kender Glory
donated by Gaffleknot Furrfoot

Steel hairpin, decorated with minute, high-quality jewels. It sparkles in the light. Shaped to resemble a slender, singing kendermaid.

History: The Hairpin of Kender Glory has the legend of being touched by every kendermaid on Krynn at least once. It has passed into possession from kender to kender. In fact, it's history isn't that much different from other kender magical artifacts. With one difference. It was created by a gnomish illusionist as a sort of practical joke on his kender cousins. Yes, quite a joke it turned out to be!

How it Works: The Hairpin of Kender Glory has a specific effect on each gender of the kender race. The Hairpin will call to all males that can see the hairpin to vie for possession for the Hairpin. This means "borrowing", gambling, fighting: in short, anything the kender can do to gain possession of the hairpin, they will. This means their handling skills are increased and the kender males will stop at nothing to get it. Now, there's a good reason why the kender males would want to gain possession of the Hairpin. To gain courtship of kender females! When a kender female wears the hairpin, she becomes... well, let's just say she become ALOT more attractive than she was before. The hairpin grants beauty to even the most hideous of kendermaidens. Now, any kendermaiden who has worn the hairpin for an extended period of time will gain the aftereffects of the Hairpin, even when not wearing it. Another side effect of the Hairpin is that it makes the kendermaiden who received it VERY grateful to the kender male. When I say grateful, I mean VERY VERY VERY grateful. As in, she's so grateful... well, you know...

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