Kender Bracelet of Dragonability
donated by Darim Goldenleaf

It is a beautiful sapphire bracelet with rubies,diamonds,and emeralds put into gold settings. What does it look like?

History: This remarkable bracelet was found by Darim Goldenleaf when he was on wanderlust.He was traveling with a wizard on a mission of some kind or other,when the wizard disappeared.(He probally couldn't take anymore kender nonsense.)So then Darim found that he had the bracelet.He resolved to return it sometime,but instead donated it. Who made it? How did you find it?

How it Works: What does it do? How does it work?THis bracelet lets a kender have all the magical abilities of a golden dragon(no evil kender allowed to touch it,they will be disinegrated.Good riddance.)THe kender will be able to use these abilities once a day.

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