Medallion of changing
donated by Jawselton Lightfinger

What does it look like? A small gold medalion with a hoopak on it. And a silver chain.

History: Who made it? How did you find it? One day a kender by the name of Dingleberry Bobferapples was walking down the road. And out of no where a dwarf came barging out of his shop and was accusing him of stealing! The nerve of some dwarfs! Well any way he started to rant and rave about dingle being a theif. What nerve! So dingle kindly asked what it looked like and who it was for. Well it turned out is was made for the Duke of the forgotten way and he was getting it so that he could chop his way out of a round of cheese that he fell in. And it was magical and could turn into any weapon. So dingle walked away and felt in his pocket and their it was. Sohe thought "I have never been to the forgetten way so I will deliver it." But he never got it and i got it for my 16th bitthday

How it Works: What does it do? How does it work? You think really hard and it becomes any weapon you want. While holding it to your forehead.

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