True Necklace of Healing
donated by Pockets

A necklace with 6 large gems and many smaller ones surrounding it. There are rubies, amethysts, emeralds, saphire, diamond. There are many others to. There are no repears in gem and the 6 large ones are red orange yello green blue purple. The surrounding ones are lots of other colors too.

History: It was made at first by a jeweler on request of a dieing mage rumored to me Raistlin. The jeweler picked only the finest gems and made sure to follow the mage's list of requirement.s After it was made Raistlin made each and every single stone do a different act of healing. the largest 6 are used for major ailments but the smaller ones are used for regular illnesses such as headaches and settling upset stomachs or coughs.

How it Works: Each and every single gem cures some sort of ail, The largest 6 gems cure very bad things but the smaller ones cure regular ailments.

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