Dragon Bracers
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Weight: Same as normal bracers
Color: The color of the dragon they were made from
Alignment: (somewhat intelligent) true neutral

History: The entire creation process takes 5d20 weeks. Each extra spell takes 1d12 days. Wizards that are capable of creating dragon bracers will usually charge 100 platinum and 1000 gold pieces and the story of how the dragon was killed. The DM may also assign other costs. The process will usually have scales left (it doesn't take too many). The other costs are materials and metals that can contain and naturally accept the magical properties that are bestowed and weave well with the dragon's tough scales. Only characters that can be Mages will get the ability to cast spells. Everything else stays.

How it Works: Dragon bracers follow the standards of bracers except that they have magical properties. First the AC bestowed by the bracers are 4 less than the dragon's original AC. Next whatever the dragon was immune to the wearer is immune to they make the normal savings throw if attacked. If they fail they take only 50% of the total damage. Finally the bracers grant the wearer minor ability to cast mage spells. To determine the limits follow the following rules.
  1. Obviously wearer must posses the scales from the conquered dragon. The spells that the bracers will know will follow what the dragon's breath weapon was. (ex: red dragon, bracers get fire based spells only)
  2. For the mage spells the charges are determined by rolling 1d12. These are the normal day to day use charges. The extra five are the magic that sustains the properties of the bracers. These extra five also count towards the burn limit. For example a dwarf warrior gets 6 out of 12. Everyday he can use 6 charges without damaging his bracers. Then the next day the dwarf goes out and uses 8 charges. The bracers lose 40%(the two charges at 20% each) of the total AC, then he loses 2 charge points towards casting spells. So the next day he can only use four charges. When all the charges and burn limit charges are gone, the wearer takes 1d10 non-savable damage, then the bracers turn to dust and blow away.
  3. Uses of the charges are as follows: a 1st level spell counts as 1 charge, a 2nd level spell counts as 2 charges. ETC. The bracers can only learn one spell per level and will follow the wearer's maximum spell limitations. At the end of the that process the Wizard creating the bracers will be able to teach the bracers 1d4 extra spells at any level from any school. When casting spells that follow the variable of the caster's level, the bracers cast as the level of the caster.
  4. Casting with the bracers is as follows. The wearer must know the spell and the bracers must know the spell, not have the particular spell memorized. If the wearer attempts to cast a spell the bracers don't know the bracers will laugh. The spell fails automatically, on roll of 20 of 1d20 the wearer will be the target of the attempted spell. The charges are still used.
  5. Only wizards of levels 18+ are able to create the bracers. The wizard must know the spells; create a magical item/enchant an item. Then the next spell of Permanency. Then they must posses the non-weapon proficiencies of Leather working, Armorer, Seamstress, and Spell craft. The same wizard must already know the spells that the wearer chooses per level and any extra spells the wearer wants the bracers to know. In essence the Wizard creating the bracers literally "Teaches" the bracers the spells.
  6. The only person that can wear the bracers is the one that is fitted for. Anyone else wearing them will suffer 1d20 points of damage a day non-savable until someone casts dispels magic (which destroys them) or remove curse (which removes them).

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