Boots of Holding
donated by Shralala Timetripper

These boots appear to be ordinary , well made leather walking boots . They only come in kender sizes. boots will radiate magic if checked for.

History: Three years before the Chaos War the white robe Alezandreath Goldleaf created these boots for the kender Trollup TrollTeaser in exchance for saving her life ( story to long to tell now).Trollup was in possesion of the boots until her death two months before the Chaos War , the boots have not been seen since. These boots are one of a kind.

How it Works: These Boots are a variation of a bag of holding. Each boot has a small slit on the side (only noticable by a kender or with the use of magic). The slits are only 2 inches wide , anything larger will not fit. Each boot has 15 cu. ft. of space inside and a carrying capacity of 125 lb.. there is also no need to search through them , whatever the kender is reaching for will be the first thing he grabs.. The only restriction is that the object must come back out of the boot it was put into (right - right / left - left).

Note : The black robe Vraymyr the Wild heard about these boots and created several cursed pair. Instead of working as a bag of holding they work as a bag of devourering. Good luck telling them apart :)

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