The All Powerful Shoes of Switching
donated by Hannah HalfHaven

They are a pair of lime green shoes with yellow laces and tiny bells around the tops.

History: These shoes were made spicifically for Kender by a Red Robed mage who had been angered by the Conclave. He knew a kender who would do anything to be a mage for a day so he crafted these shoes and gave them to her.

How it Works: When a kender puts these shoes on all they have to do is say something like, "Gee, wouldn't it be neat to be a mage?" and Poof! They're in the body of a mage. While the kender inhabits the mage's body the mage inhabits the kender's body.This works on any race. If a kender inhabits a mages body then he has acess to all the mages spells (Gods help us) and whild the mage won't be able to cast spells in kender form he'll find that he has an excellent pickpocketing skill.

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