The Bunny Slippers of Unicorn Riding
donated by Talinia Snapshocker

They are regular-looking bunny slippers, with ears, noses, eyes, and they are really fuzzy.

History: These bunny slippers were made by the infamous IrdaKender Ralhatin Ghaltuan. He captured two real live mygnyl chorts and transformed them into bunny slippers and he put them on and then suddenly went through a Spontaneous Combustion because only true Kender could wear them and live.

How it Works: These seemingly innocent bunny slippers cause anyone not fully kender to spontaneously combust in 3 seconds. If a true kender wears them, he or she can summon a mystical magical unicorn and go for a ride. If the slippers fall off while riding, however, the unicorn disappears and the kender riding falls to the ground with a bruised bottom.

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