The Cloak of Kenderkind
donated by Skip Furrfoot

These cloak's tend to turn to whatever color the kender wearing them feels like, Ex: blue=sad, the cloaks only come kender-sized so all you humans out there are plumb out of luck!!

History: These cloaks are rumored to have been created by kender although everyone who has heard of this, deny it vehemently, knowing that it's foolish to think that kender have magical talents. These have popped up sometime after the start of Hylo in the west and people are baffled as to how kender managed this...

How it Works: Cloaks of Kenderkind seem to enhance the abilities of handling, taunting, and slipping away un-noticed by others as long as they are wearing these cloaks. Also, on very special occasions(under the light of Solinari) kender have been known to use their excuses and they work!!! Truly these cloaks are great to have for kender, but one problem, it lets them get away un-noticed and they might not get to meet the nice people in jail that they might have met otherwise!!!

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