Kender Hands
donated by stephen

A pair of very elaborate gloves. There are many gems and little bits of precious metal inset in each glove. However, it's impossible (as far as anyone knows yet) to remove the gems and metals. They're kender-sized. They can fit on halfling hands, but the only function for kender.

History: The history of the Kender Hands is vague at best. The first known appearance of them was when they were discovered by a kender traveler. They didn't need to be identified; apparently they were so bored they just let him know their magical powers. They change hands (forgive the pun) frequently, trying not to let any one kender become too much more successful than any others.

How it Works: For up to one round at a time, the Kender Hands can detach themselves from the hands of the wearer and float around themselves, leaving the owner free to act in other ways. They can't attack or weild weapons while in this state, but they can perform all manual thieving skills (pick pockets, open locks, remove traps). They use theiving skills with a score equal to the owner's percentage base plus 10 percent (not to exceed 95 in any case). After a turn, they must return to the owner within a round. They have a movement rate of 24, and if they can't reach their owner within a round they instantly disappear and reappear somewhere else, eventually to be found by another kender.

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