Incredible Blanket of Folding
donated by Rashi Pouchfur, Mage and Eldest of the Kender Sist

A tiny gray cloth, folded.

History: Well I was wondering about the Tower of Palanthus because my good friend Dalamar the Dark forgot to let me in again, drat him, always slamming doors in poor kender faces and locking things tighter then a gully dwarf's arms around a stinky rat. . . .anyway, I came into this funny room with a funny thingy on the wall, you know, it's big and round and has all these dragony heads, I bet everyone has them in their attic, my little sister has a red dragon that got changed into a gold statue in her basement! Anyway, I went through it, cuz it looked neat, and BAMMO! I was in a funny room! It had a big black marble tub, and there were bottles and this funny tiny rag I knew was too small for Dalamar to wash with! (For I now knew this must be his bathroom! *nod nod*) So I liberated it for him.

How it Works: Why as I was leaving through my little tunnel, I got ash all over my face! (Cuz it's under the fireplace, I'll have you know.) I unfolded the little rag to wipe my face, and whoa! It was twice as big, but still folded, isn't that a kick? *nudges Rashi back a bit* Basically, you can keep unfolding it to any size you please.

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