Uncle Chickenkicker's Boots Of The Birds
donated by Kerioff Thistlesilk

What does it look like?

These boots are ankle-high, and are very warm and comfy
because they are lined with stuffing made of every single
type of bird feather, from cockatrice to ducks, but not
goatsucker bird feathers. They're normal brown leather,
and pass as iron shod for anyone just glancing at them.

History: Who made it? How did you find it?

Uncle Chickenkicker (formerly my Uncle Wink's brother Amos)
picked them up one Swap-A-Lot day when he mistook them for
his nephew on my Aunt Rose's side Tunicstainer's Boots of
Wandering when my Uncle Thistlespitter's Detect Magic spell

Anyway, Uncle Chickenkicker put the boots on, and
immediately kicked a chicken! He kept on kicking chickens,
and whatever bird happened to be nearby (though never a
goatsucker bird, proving it to be a real kender magic item,
to his great pride!) This was how he got the name
Chickenkicker, but Uncle Wink, who's a little senile (tho'
most non-kender swear he hasn't changed a bit), still calls
him Amos every now and then.

How it Works: What does it do? How does it work?

Well, first of all, it's not cursed, so any kender wearing
them can take them on or off at will, though they find it's
much more fun to leave them on.

When worn, all kender have a great urge to kick the first
bird they see, excepting *only* goatsucker birds. To
resist this urge, the kender must save at -4 on a wisdom
check, or at a difficulty rating of 16 for Fifth Age

Any kender willingly trying to kick a bird of some sort
(except a goatsucker bird) has a +4 to attack, or an
automatic trump. If they are attempting to kick a
goatsucker bird, they suffer 2d10 points of damage, and get
sore feet for the rest of the day.

Also, they can perfectly mimic the call of the last bird
type they kicked! So, a kender who's just kicked a ruddy-
sided toehee can make that sound without any sort of check
at all. They can automatically use this power with
goatsucker birds- i.e. they don't have to kick them first,
they just have to open their mouth and think about sounding
like a goatsucker bird. The wearer of these boots can also
understand and communicate with goatsucker birds!

If the wearer sticks a goatsucker bird feather in the boots
lining, for every mile he walks, he will attract one
goatsucker bird, *or* one of the last kind of bird he
kicked. So after walking 24 miles in a day, Uncle
Chickenkicker had a flock of 6 goatsucker birds following
him, until he kicked a goose, and then had 4 geese following
him, and then he kicked a swan, and had eight swans after
him, etc. These birds will act as a ranger's followers for
1d4 hours- they'll be friendly and may even fight for the

Last I heard, Uncle Chickenkicker went looking for an Ice
Eagle to kick...

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