Fox's leggings of the Rainbow
donated by Foxworthy Dragonfun

When not on a kender they apear to be a boring grey colored set of leggings.

History: Well, my best friend "Gavin of the Blue" made them. He was a scarry fello, he was caotic you know, but loyal to his cotage of magic. One of the kindest human's I've met, he showed me some of the most facinating things! Once he gave me a ruby that would protect me from magic, then he shot a fireball at me so I could see what it was like! Oh, yeah, the leggings! Well I happened to stop by his cotage one time and I had just found a new ring! Well, I noticed with this ring that I an army of Death Knights apeared around me! For some reason they were scared of me! Well, I don't like Death Knights and all so i took the ring off and they were all sucked into the ring! The Death Knights found it very annoying after I took the ring on and of many times to watch this wonderful display. Yeah, the leggings, right, I'm getting there! Well when Gavin let me in and showed me some new gaurdians for his cotage that he conjured. They were the most wonderful thing! When you touch these mushrooms infront of his
cotage they start to make a shrieking sound that atrackts skeletal warriors and the mushrooms would grow to the size of 20 feet tale! Hey, I'm getting to the leggings, just hold on! Geese! Well, Gavin being very good at the necromancy part of being a mage I figured I could trade this ring for some magical divice! Well I showed the ring to him and he gasped in amazment! Then he asked me where I got it! Even though I told him I think he didn't listen! He told me that he would make a magical device for him if I gave him the ring. So I gave him the ring. Then he told me to let him have my leggings(I had lost my bright green ones so I found some grey ones to were for now). So figured that he wanted my ring, that was okay, but wanting to take my leggings was too much, so I said "No!" right of hand. Then Gavin "wooshed" my leggings off and "wooshed" some ugly brown ones on me. Then on top of that he ran to his laboratory and locked the door! When I put my lock pics to the lock they blew up in flames!
About one long uninteresting hour of sitting next to the laboratory door Gavin came out with my leggings! He told me that they would change to any color or turn exactaly the same color as the surface I am leaning against. Then he told me the operating words and the title of the leggings!

How it Works: The leggings turn any color the owner wants! There are three comands! The comands are: "Fox's leggings of the Rainbow, I comand you to turn (you name the color here)!", "Fox's leggings of the Rainbow, I comand you to turn the color of the surface I am touching!","Fox's leggings of the Rainbow, I give you to (name of the kender you give them to)!" These leggings are smart too! when no one is around they will talk to you and listen to your stories and tell you some stories of it's own!

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