The Blessed Socks of Tongues
donated by Kalin Thistleknot

These are kneesocks with rainbow stripes.

History: A kender legend says that the goddess Mishakel was traveling when it suddenly started to rain heavily. All she was wearing were leather sandals, and her feet were getting quite cold. She met a kender along the way and commented on her difficulty. The kender was kind enough to lend her her rainbow knee socks, which reportedly kept Mishakel nice and warm. One night after this, when the kender was in the Palanthas jail, Mishakel appeared to her with her socks, freshly cleaned and smelling spring fresh. She asked the kender what one wish she had was, as she would like to thank her for her help. The kender said that she had always wanted to speak other languages. Mishakel smiled and blessed the socks, giving them back to her. Since then, the rainbow-striped knee socks can only be worn by kender. If any other race tries to wear them, they disappear, and they have mysteriously stayed in prime condition.

How it Works: When worn by a kender, these socks will randomly allow the kender to speak in foreign tongues. This will happen spontaneously, and the language is always changing. While this can be quite annoying to the people listening, the kender find it hilariously entertaining, and they have often been used as night- time entertainment in various jails, sending other kender into wild peals of laughter. However, these socks may only be owned by a single kender for three months before they will spontaneously disappear and turn up in another random kender's pouch.

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