Cloak of Para-noir
donated by Andrew Tucker

This hooded cloak comes to the wearers ankles. It is made of shiny Black Silk with gold velvit trim.

History: Legend has it that many years ago, a taylor fell in love with the wife of a powerful Mage. Not being one to be told that he cannot have what he wants, this taylor made this cloak as a "gift" for the mage. The taylor made the cloak and during the night, left it gift wrapped on the mage's doorstep with a note that read: "To a great friend, from a great friend". When the mage found this gift on his doorstep, he became so filled with joy that he unwittingly donned the cloak, setting the taylors plan in motion. Unfortunately this plan backfired on the taylor. When the mage put on this cloak, he instantly became filled with paranoia. So much so that the mage, in an act to "save all he has worked for" killed his wife and ran off into the woods. The news of the murder of the mage's wife so saddend the taylor, that he took his own life in despiration to be with the one he loved.

How it Works: Cursed Item!! In the instant the player puts on the cloak, they become filled with constant paranoia. The begin to distrust anyone and everyone, claiming that "everyone is out to get them and take whats rightfully theirs". This mass paranoia will eventually lead to insomnia and after several days of restless sleep, the wearer suffers total insanity, eventually becomeing a berserker.

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