Corynna's Vest of Pockets
donated by Corynna Skylark

This fashionable alternative to those bulky pouches is made of soft leather, dyed in a variety of colors. All over the vest (on the inside and the outside), are multi-colored pockets, each held shut by a ribbon (of clashing colors). It always seems to perfectly fit the person wearing it, although it does not serve to give any armor bonuses.

History: The vest was made for Corynna Skylark by a young and naive artificer who also happened to befriend the kender. It was a gift to Corynna after she saved the mage from a difficult situation (involving death and blood and...well, it's good it's over). It also served as a going away present as the two parted ways shortly thereafter (much to the relief of the now-not-so-naive mage).

How it Works: Each pocket can hold six items of any size (as long as it can fit into a four to six inch wide hole). When in the pocket, no material (magical or non) can react or ignite or otherwise cause interesting (but often fatal) incidents. to use: make a list from 1-20. These are the pockets. For each pocket, number 1-6. For a random draw, roll a twenty-sided then a six-sided to determine which item is drawn.

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