Tunic of Enlightenment
donated by Standback

It's a plain tunic, so filthy that it's original color cannot be discerned. It has three shiny buttons below the collar.

History: Legend tells that long, long ago, Branchala and Gilean become angered at the evil god Hiddukel. In the argument that ensued, Branchala spit at Hiddukel, with three globs of spittle landing on his tunic. At somepoint thereafter, a magical kender literally stole the shirt of Hiddukel's back, and gave it to some gully dwarves. But in retrospect, that makes no sense whatsoever.

How it Works: Any gully dwarf staring at the tunic can correctly count the three shiny buttons (which magically never get dirty nor fall off). They suddenly realize that there exist numbers higher than two. Then they look away and promptly go right back to rat hunting.

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