The Gloves of Stretchy Metal Things
donated by Edmund Barkwood, Lich slayer

They look like a pair of kender sized mercury gloves, (the substance seems to shift and move but stays intact.) but when a kender puts them on, they turn invisible.

History: I found these when I got lost in a portable hole that I found in the lair of the magical hippo-vampire, Dooper. You see, he was out on an errand to collect grape-fruit, so I thought to take a closer look at his cave (the bushes just don't offer a good enough view). Anyways, I crept in, and saw this hole on the ground. Going over to it, I tripped on a bag of cow-tongues and fell in. Landing in a pile of junk, I saw these amazing looking gloves.

How it Works: When one wears these, he can mentally command the fingers of the gloves to spew out very long and bendable (but razor sharp) "claws" of metal! They can go in any direction and extend twenty feet out. One must stay focused, though, when all his claws are going in every direction, or else you might chop off your own topknot (Reorox forbid!) Each claw does 1d6 damage, +2 to hit because of its speed. All claws can be used at once only 1 time evey two rounds.

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