Kender Hat of Knowing
donated by Daniel

The Kender Hat of Knowing is an old looking, beat up, dirty cap. The cap was bright blue at one time, but now it is only a dull brownish blue. The cap has a hole in the right side and a muddy feather on the left.

History: First off, only a Kender can use The Kender Hat of Knowing. No one knows where the Kender Hat of Knowing came from. One day someone just saw a Kender (name not to be known at this time) with it prodly displayed on his head. The Kender insisted that he had found it deep in a dark dungeon protected by a great, mean, really nasty wizard. Of course the Kender said that he had been really nice, but of course we all know what that means...

How it Works: The Kender Hat of Knowing is supposed to let the wearer know anything he asks the hat. The Kender must speak out loud to the hat, and the hat will telapahically tell the Kender what is wanted. The hat must be on the Kender's head to work. The hat will shrink/grow to any size to fit the Kender. A command phrase must be spoken to activate the hat(so the Kender doesn't accidently activate it). The command phrase is very simple and is printed on the inside of the hat. Remarkably the instrutions haven't been damaged in any way. The command phrase is-"Hat, would you please tell me what _____ does/is? Depending on the situation, a different phrase is needed, but it is always simple. Note: because the hat isn't a powerful artifact, it cannot tell everything, and can only be used once per day. For example: it could identify a simple magic item, as the spell, or tell in what direction a particular thing lies, but it couldn't identify an artifact or tell where an object is exactly. Still it is a powerful item...too bad the party members will rarely believe the Kender...

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