The Kender Robes of Wondifferious Stuff
donated by Eilderhownd Grassburner

These robes are plain red with some mouse white trim.On the back is an embroidry of a hoopak leaning near a tree.The inside is lined with pockets and straps for whatever you might need.

History: You see...me and my freinds were all out looking for something to do(well at least I did) Anyway I saw an old red robed mage accidently drop these robes into the nearby river.Thinkig he might need them later on I chased after them.I wound up in HUGE cave. I was intresting because of the low light,and it smelled like wet goblin.I navigated for well over an hour trying to find the mages robes.I came accros a large door that was loked.I easily opend it,thinking that the mage might be there.I was wrong.My freind Draus,his brother Sallinosh and everyones freind,the Dwarf Rhellon Starraxe beating up an oversized bugbear wearing the robes. After the fight I was scolded ad given the tattered beat up robes

How it Works: The robes have a 51% chance of doing whatever yo ask of it once a day. Every three pockets has a magical item or potion inside of it.A +4 AC bonus is enjoyed while wearing the robes. They summon 2d6 gully dwarves a week.If you yell "topknot" 3 times in a row, yours will grow 1d12 feet.It has a 15% chance per successful hit to turn the opponent into a gostsucker bird. 2 of the straps have the ability to infuse a normal peice of parchment with the Summon Cow spell(50%) or the Taunt Smoothly enchantment(50%)

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