ACME Ring of Invisibility
donated by Sam D

a plain silver band, but on the inside are inscribed the words(in common): Ring of invisibility - ACME Co.

History: Came from a time/reality portal. it's original place is said to be from a thing called a 'cartoon' but who's heard of a 'cartoon'?

How it Works: When place on a finger, it goes invisible, but nothing else. when taken off, it reappears.

donated by Kiven Thornfinder

All-cloaks are made of lightweight cotton, but reinforced with various sorts of padding. They are billowy garments when worn normally, but can be tied around the kender's body with rope before combat, worn like a coat.

History: The all-cloak was first invented by Namis Thornfinder during the dark times after the 1st Cataclysm. When kender were routinely murdered and frequently relieved of all their items by suspicious townsfolk, this kender lass decided to integrate some of her pouches into her cloak. Being a master leatherworker and weaver, she integrated padding into the cloak and cut out armholes to use it as a coat.

How it Works: Described most accurately as "a greatcloak gone horribly wrong" by a visiting Solamnic, the all-cloak is a kender invention to replace the cumbersome (and horribly itchy) armor favored by the other races. All-cloaks are made of lightweight cotton, but reinforced with various sorts of padding. They are billowy garments when worn normally, but can be tied around the kender's body with rope before combat, worn like a coat. Most kender dislike wearing the all-cloak like that, but kender warriors and rangers put armholes in the cloak to make it less restricting. In AD&D terms, this acts as quilted armor (though a kender will be mortified if it rips!), thus giving a -1 to AC. In SAGA terms, the all-cloak gives a -1 armor bonus, much like padded silk. This defensive bonus is usable by kender only.

All-cloaks are also pocketed, full of assorted items kender have picked up. Usually, the pockets hold lightweight items, but if reinforced with extra padding, the typical all-cloak will be able to hold twice as much. The details are up the the DM, but non-reinforced all-cloaks hold 10 pounds. Reinforced all-cloaks can hold anywhere from 15 to 30 pounds.

Armor of the Five Flames
donated by Adison

It is a Chest piece, 2 Bracers, and 2 Anklets. Comes with optional Sword of the Silver Flame.

History: It was created by an old sorcerer.

How it Works: On command, the armor is engulfed in flames. All unarmed attacks are enchanted by the flames. Right arm is the White Flame of Good and does +1d6 Fire Damage and +1d6 Good Damage. Left arm is the Black Flame of Choas and does +1d6 Fire Damage and +1d6 Choas Damage. Right leg is the Green Flame of Acid and does +1d6 Fire Damage and +1d6 Acid Damage. Left leg is Blue Flame of Lightning and does +1d6 of Fire Damage and +1d6 Electrical Damage. Chest is the Red Flame of Fire and anybody in melee suffers 1d4 Fire Damage. The sword has the Silver Flame of Air and does +1d6 Fire Damage and +1d6 Air Damage. It can be worn by any humanoid race and by any class except any with a Aquadic/Water subtype.

Belt of Random Things
donated by Tobigera

It is a brown leather belt with seven differently colored patches on the front of it.

History: I have no idea how this was made or where it came from. One day, I met up with a friend of mine and he said that someone had dropped it somewhere.

How it Works: This thing is fun. When you pull off one of the patches, it will become a completely random thing. The thing has all the properties of whatever it is, including magical properties, if your lucky enough to get a magic item. The item, however, will change back into a patch on the belt in one day. We've got all kinds of interesting stuff from this. We've had swords and spears, wands and staffs. Once we got a eight by twelve foot hole, and another time we got an entire herd of buffalo, which, startled, began stampeding away from us.

Black Onyx Crossbow
donated by Easlethistle Furfang

A crossbow made of dark, almost black, wood. It is highly polished and has Black onyx stones set into it, on everywhere but the handle these stones are spike shaped.

History: It was made by a great Arch mage of the black robes, for purely evil purposes. That was untill it accidently fell into the pocket of a kender. It takes a strong hand to stop the crossbow firing at any innocent bystander.

How it Works: It fires 3 bolts per round and does extra poison damage (poison unknown). However, if the user is weak-willed, or not being careful the crossbow will fire at a good person at random. If you see a kender with this item...RUN!!!

Boots of Holding
donated by Shralala Timetripper

These boots appear to be ordinary , well made leather walking boots . They only come in kender sizes. boots will radiate magic if checked for.

History: Three years before the Chaos War the white robe Alezandreath Goldleaf created these boots for the kender Trollup TrollTeaser in exchance for saving her life ( story to long to tell now).Trollup was in possesion of the boots until her death two months before the Chaos War , the boots have not been seen since. These boots are one of a kind.

How it Works: These Boots are a variation of a bag of holding. Each boot has a small slit on the side (only noticable by a kender or with the use of magic). The slits are only 2 inches wide , anything larger will not fit. Each boot has 15 cu. ft. of space inside and a carrying capacity of 125 lb.. there is also no need to search through them , whatever the kender is reaching for will be the first thing he grabs.. The only restriction is that the object must come back out of the boot it was put into (right - right / left - left).

Note : The black robe Vraymyr the Wild heard about these boots and created several cursed pair. Instead of working as a bag of holding they work as a bag of devourering. Good luck telling them apart :)

Boots of random levitation
donated by Samaenthoff {Sam} Merryfoot

A regular pair of boots made to fit kender feet. Magical runes are etched on the inside of the calf flap.

History: Made by a long dead red robed mage to keep the kender he was traveling with's mouth shut(this backfired, however, because the kender loved them). Came from an unusually long trail while they were lost in the dimesions.

How it Works: every random number of minutes(1d20), the boots rocket the kender forward in a kender-toss simulation. They fly a total of 30 ft. then fall gently. The kender get great fun out of it and it can be useful in pit-crossing situations. On any other but kender they will not work. They emit an aura when a detect magic spell is cast on them. They are not cursed but can be annoying if they are forgotten and left on while in a dungeon, shooting the unfortunate kender into a wall (1d6 damage)

Boots of Slippery Mud
donated by Jawselton Lightfingers

What does it look like?beaten borwn leather boots with worn laces and mud all over them

History: Who made it? How did you find it? They were worn by a small green man who called himself "Yoda". On one of my expeditions i fell into a portal and appeared outside of his hut. I stayed for a few days and when i left i had them on. How strange!

How it Works: What does it do? How does it work? when your in troubl the boots leave behind a trail of slippery mud so that those who are trying to get you slip and fall and cant get you. The boots are imune to the slipperiness of any mud. They are not very useful if you are trying to hid from some one though.

Cloack of the Shape Shifter
donated by Hannah HalfHaven

It's this huge cloak made of animal fur and it won't rip! It changes colors and patterns overnight so one day it will look like skunk fur and the next it will look like cowskin.

History: A nice red robed mage gave it to me for safekeeping. He complained that it was itchy. He said something about it containing the essence of all animals.

How it Works: Well, he said that it used to turn the wearer into any animal they wished but it was struck by lightening or something and now if you say the magic word, Luthin, then the cloak will transform into a living animal! Isn't that neat!

Cloak of Para-noir
donated by Andrew Tucker

This hooded cloak comes to the wearers ankles. It is made of shiny Black Silk with gold velvit trim.

History: Legend has it that many years ago, a taylor fell in love with the wife of a powerful Mage. Not being one to be told that he cannot have what he wants, this taylor made this cloak as a "gift" for the mage. The taylor made the cloak and during the night, left it gift wrapped on the mage's doorstep with a note that read: "To a great friend, from a great friend". When the mage found this gift on his doorstep, he became so filled with joy that he unwittingly donned the cloak, setting the taylors plan in motion. Unfortunately this plan backfired on the taylor. When the mage put on this cloak, he instantly became filled with paranoia. So much so that the mage, in an act to "save all he has worked for" killed his wife and ran off into the woods. The news of the murder of the mage's wife so saddend the taylor, that he took his own life in despiration to be with the one he loved.

How it Works: Cursed Item!! In the instant the player puts on the cloak, they become filled with constant paranoia. The begin to distrust anyone and everyone, claiming that "everyone is out to get them and take whats rightfully theirs". This mass paranoia will eventually lead to insomnia and after several days of restless sleep, the wearer suffers total insanity, eventually becomeing a berserker.

Codpiece of many genders
donated by Borrower Thistleknot

When in male hands it looks like a normal steel codpiece. When in female hands it looks like a frilly piece of Lingere.

History: I don't know, I found a frilly piece of Lingere sitting on this pile of bones which SEEMED to belong to an orc... and when I picked it up it turned into a codpiece. I thought it was the coolest thing, so I placed it inside one of my many pouches.

How it Works: When picked up it magically changes to fit your size and gender. Though when equipped the subject changes gender every 2d12 hours. Also it will not come off without a touch of magic aka Remove curse or cursed obeject. When taken off subject stays that gender permanently. (Usually best for a half-orc who is getting on one's nerves... hint-hint GM's)

Corynna Skylark's Vest of Pockets
donated by Corynna Skylark

The Vest of Pockets is a leather vest consisting of twenty differently-colored pockets all around it. Each pocket is roughly 4-6 inches in width (which limits the size of things put in them). Each pocket is tied shut with a colored ribbon that usually does not match the color of the pocket.

History: Dara Flor'Tel, an archmagus of Krynn and artificer by passion, created this item for the kender who was centrally instrumental in saving her life. Dara had always had a soft spot for kender in general (and being human, this was rare indeed!), though she usually did not allow them into her lab. After finishing the Vest of Pockets, she invited Corynna into the lab and offered it as a present. Three days later, she realized that a rod of lightning and a ring of chameleon power were missing, but, being somewhat (or completely) absent-minded, she promptly forgot about it and still holds Corynna in the highest regard.

How it Works: Anything may be held in these pockets, providing they fit into the 4-6 inch opening. One pocket holds six items. Once within the pocket, items may not react to one another, so putting straw and a match in the same pocket has no chance of starting a fire. Also, anything living that is put into the pockets remains so, and it may not escape unless pulled out by the kender's hand. Some type of anti-magic spell is also in effect, preventing any magical effects from occuring until the item is pulled out of the pocket (including that nasty effect when a bag of holding is placed in a bag of holding). The ribbons that close each pocket magically seal the pocket closed, incurring the above effects. Finally, each pocket acts much as a bag of holding in that they are as deep as they need to be. For example, a kender would be able to place a 4-in. diameter quarterstaff in the pocket with room to hold 5 more items, but he could not put a 7-inch plate in any pocket. How to use the Vest of Pockets: Draw up a sheet marked 1-20 with 6 spaces under each number. Then the kender or DM rolls a d20 to determine which pocket is opened. Roll a d6 to determine which of the six items in that pocket are pulled out. NOTE: This item may only be used by kender (and half-kender).

Corynna's Vest of Pockets
donated by Corynna Skylark

This fashionable alternative to those bulky pouches is made of soft leather, dyed in a variety of colors. All over the vest (on the inside and the outside), are multi-colored pockets, each held shut by a ribbon (of clashing colors). It always seems to perfectly fit the person wearing it, although it does not serve to give any armor bonuses.

History: The vest was made for Corynna Skylark by a young and naive artificer who also happened to befriend the kender. It was a gift to Corynna after she saved the mage from a difficult situation (involving death and blood and...well, it's good it's over). It also served as a going away present as the two parted ways shortly thereafter (much to the relief of the now-not-so-naive mage).

How it Works: Each pocket can hold six items of any size (as long as it can fit into a four to six inch wide hole). When in the pocket, no material (magical or non) can react or ignite or otherwise cause interesting (but often fatal) incidents. to use: make a list from 1-20. These are the pockets. For each pocket, number 1-6. For a random draw, roll a twenty-sided then a six-sided to determine which item is drawn.

Dragon Bracers
donated by Darknose "The Sticky Touch" Pocketandrun


Weight: Same as normal bracers
Color: The color of the dragon they were made from
Alignment: (somewhat intelligent) true neutral

History: The entire creation process takes 5d20 weeks. Each extra spell takes 1d12 days. Wizards that are capable of creating dragon bracers will usually charge 100 platinum and 1000 gold pieces and the story of how the dragon was killed. The DM may also assign other costs. The process will usually have scales left (it doesn't take too many). The other costs are materials and metals that can contain and naturally accept the magical properties that are bestowed and weave well with the dragon's tough scales. Only characters that can be Mages will get the ability to cast spells. Everything else stays.

How it Works: Dragon bracers follow the standards of bracers except that they have magical properties. First the AC bestowed by the bracers are 4 less than the dragon's original AC. Next whatever the dragon was immune to the wearer is immune to they make the normal savings throw if attacked. If they fail they take only 50% of the total damage. Finally the bracers grant the wearer minor ability to cast mage spells. To determine the limits follow the following rules.

  1. Obviously wearer must posses the scales from the conquered dragon. The spells that the bracers will know will follow what the dragon's breath weapon was. (ex: red dragon, bracers get fire based spells only)
  2. For the mage spells the charges are determined by rolling 1d12. These are the normal day to day use charges. The extra five are the magic that sustains the properties of the bracers. These extra five also count towards the burn limit. For example a dwarf warrior gets 6 out of 12. Everyday he can use 6 charges without damaging his bracers. Then the next day the dwarf goes out and uses 8 charges. The bracers lose 40%(the two charges at 20% each) of the total AC, then he loses 2 charge points towards casting spells. So the next day he can only use four charges. When all the charges and burn limit charges are gone, the wearer takes 1d10 non-savable damage, then the bracers turn to dust and blow away.
  3. Uses of the charges are as follows: a 1st level spell counts as 1 charge, a 2nd level spell counts as 2 charges. ETC. The bracers can only learn one spell per level and will follow the wearer's maximum spell limitations. At the end of the that process the Wizard creating the bracers will be able to teach the bracers 1d4 extra spells at any level from any school. When casting spells that follow the variable of the caster's level, the bracers cast as the level of the caster.
  4. Casting with the bracers is as follows. The wearer must know the spell and the bracers must know the spell, not have the particular spell memorized. If the wearer attempts to cast a spell the bracers don't know the bracers will laugh. The spell fails automatically, on roll of 20 of 1d20 the wearer will be the target of the attempted spell. The charges are still used.
  5. Only wizards of levels 18+ are able to create the bracers. The wizard must know the spells; create a magical item/enchant an item. Then the next spell of Permanency. Then they must posses the non-weapon proficiencies of Leather working, Armorer, Seamstress, and Spell craft. The same wizard must already know the spells that the wearer chooses per level and any extra spells the wearer wants the bracers to know. In essence the Wizard creating the bracers literally "Teaches" the bracers the spells.
  6. The only person that can wear the bracers is the one that is fitted for. Anyone else wearing them will suffer 1d20 points of damage a day non-savable until someone casts dispels magic (which destroys them) or remove curse (which removes them).

Dragons of Slipperkind
donated by Spoonhanger Kickbottom

These are 1' tall dragons (real, not porcelain or gold) that are always found in pairs.

History: They usually speak common and have kenderlike personalities (whoa, this could go under new races as well.) the thing that sets them apart from most other species of dragon is a big hole in their back which are suitable for kender and gnome feet to be placed in (no others will fit.) When a kender (or gnome) sticks his cute little feet (in the case of a kender) or non cute feet inside these holes the dragons become inanimate and transforms into boots of dragonskin. But the real magic is the fact that when you have these on, you are clothed an illusion of a large pink bunny slipper. walking around makes the illusion seems to hop.

How it Works: For other questions, just look in the tome o'magic under slippers of dragon kind. (only pair currently owned by Spoonhanger Kickbottom)

Flute Of Colors
donated by Dalamar Whisperfoot

The Flute Of Colors is a small silver flute lined with diamonds. There is a diamond for every color of the rainbow; red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet.

History: The Archmage, Jarec, had spent a few months in Kendermore to see if any kender had the gift of magic. He grew attached to the little people and entertained them in his spair time. When he left kendermore he made and gave the Flute Of Colors to them so they would allways remember him.

How it Works: The flute acts like a normal flute when anyone but a kender plays it. When a kender plays it all objects within a 10 foot radius start to change colors uncontrollably. The effect lasts for 48 hours. This is truly an item only a kender would carry.

Fox's leggings of the Rainbow
donated by Foxworthy Dragonfun

When not on a kender they apear to be a boring grey colored set of leggings.

History: Well, my best friend "Gavin of the Blue" made them. He was a scarry fello, he was caotic you know, but loyal to his cotage of magic. One of the kindest human's I've met, he showed me some of the most facinating things! Once he gave me a ruby that would protect me from magic, then he shot a fireball at me so I could see what it was like! Oh, yeah, the leggings! Well I happened to stop by his cotage one time and I had just found a new ring! Well, I noticed with this ring that I an army of Death Knights apeared around me! For some reason they were scared of me! Well, I don't like Death Knights and all so i took the ring off and they were all sucked into the ring! The Death Knights found it very annoying after I took the ring on and of many times to watch this wonderful display. Yeah, the leggings, right, I'm getting there! Well when Gavin let me in and showed me some new gaurdians for his cotage that he conjured. They were the most wonderful thing! When you touch these mushrooms infront of his
cotage they start to make a shrieking sound that atrackts skeletal warriors and the mushrooms would grow to the size of 20 feet tale! Hey, I'm getting to the leggings, just hold on! Geese! Well, Gavin being very good at the necromancy part of being a mage I figured I could trade this ring for some magical divice! Well I showed the ring to him and he gasped in amazment! Then he asked me where I got it! Even though I told him I think he didn't listen! He told me that he would make a magical device for him if I gave him the ring. So I gave him the ring. Then he told me to let him have my leggings(I had lost my bright green ones so I found some grey ones to were for now). So figured that he wanted my ring, that was okay, but wanting to take my leggings was too much, so I said "No!" right of hand. Then Gavin "wooshed" my leggings off and "wooshed" some ugly brown ones on me. Then on top of that he ran to his laboratory and locked the door! When I put my lock pics to the lock they blew up in flames!
About one long uninteresting hour of sitting next to the laboratory door Gavin came out with my leggings! He told me that they would change to any color or turn exactaly the same color as the surface I am leaning against. Then he told me the operating words and the title of the leggings!

How it Works: The leggings turn any color the owner wants! There are three comands! The comands are: "Fox's leggings of the Rainbow, I comand you to turn (you name the color here)!", "Fox's leggings of the Rainbow, I comand you to turn the color of the surface I am touching!","Fox's leggings of the Rainbow, I give you to (name of the kender you give them to)!" These leggings are smart too! when no one is around they will talk to you and listen to your stories and tell you some stories of it's own!

Girdle of the Kender
donated by stephen

A perfectly normal girdle or belt. Sometimes with a few money-filled pouches on it.

History: To make a long story short, a kender wizard (something uncommon indeed) blew a gasket and decided to create this cursed item (although some may not see it as a curse) to assimilate the non-kender races of Krynn.

How it Works: Upon donning the girdle, the wearer is instantly and irrevocably (irrevocably: removing the girdle does not undo the curse) transformed into a 1st level kender handler. This change imparts no changes to ability scores, equipment carried, or memory, although it certainly will change the attitude of the former non-kender. The wearer is as if he had dual-classed--he retains HP but not proficiencies or anything else, but upon reaching the level of experience he was at before donning the girdle he still remains a kender handler. If a kender puts on this girdle, it malfunctions and has a 75% chance of permanently losing its power.

Gloves of Borrowing
donated by Tasslehoff Trapspringer

These gloves are exactly like any other pair.

History: The gloves were tailored by a human.

How it Works: It does absolutely nothing, unless you are a kender, then it "helps handling"(it still does nothing).

Handkerchief of Sneezing
donated by Larcae Marisfodle

What does it look like?It looks like a fancy lacy handkerchief with little designs all over it.

History: Who made it? How did you find it?I was traveling with a very rich lady who died and when we buried her i found that i had this kerchief and didn't want to bother them by them having to dig her up and put it on her again.

How it Works: What does it do? How does it work?This Magical Handkerchief works when you wave it into the face of an opponent.It causes them to sneeze alot but not forever!It allows the kender,etc to finish that person off without a problem.

Hat of counting
donated by Magus Stickyfingers

A old pointy hat with a wide brim and a ribbon whichi guessing was once pink hanging form the top. This item is very dirty and it looks like a wild rat with rabies was set loose on it.

History: It was created a very long time ago by an unknown wizard who took a shine to the antics of gully dwarvs.

How it Works: Well, let's see-puts hat on a gully dwarf that happens to be passing by and asks the dwarf to count the number of candies in a bag, "one, gulp, two, gulp, ten, gulp, twnty-four, gupl..." In conclusion, this item may have once worked, but, the counting spell seems as full of holes as the hat.

Incredible Blanket of Folding
donated by Rashi Pouchfur, Mage and Eldest of the Kender Sist

A tiny gray cloth, folded.

History: Well I was wondering about the Tower of Palanthus because my good friend Dalamar the Dark forgot to let me in again, drat him, always slamming doors in poor kender faces and locking things tighter then a gully dwarf's arms around a stinky rat. . . .anyway, I came into this funny room with a funny thingy on the wall, you know, it's big and round and has all these dragony heads, I bet everyone has them in their attic, my little sister has a red dragon that got changed into a gold statue in her basement! Anyway, I went through it, cuz it looked neat, and BAMMO! I was in a funny room! It had a big black marble tub, and there were bottles and this funny tiny rag I knew was too small for Dalamar to wash with! (For I now knew this must be his bathroom! *nod nod*) So I liberated it for him.

How it Works: Why as I was leaving through my little tunnel, I got ash all over my face! (Cuz it's under the fireplace, I'll have you know.) I unfolded the little rag to wipe my face, and whoa! It was twice as big, but still folded, isn't that a kick? *nudges Rashi back a bit* Basically, you can keep unfolding it to any size you please.

Ironkskin Crocodile leather armor
donated by Jason D

It looks like a green suit of leather armor.

History: An ironskin crocodile leather armor suit comes from the thick, armored, scaly hide of an ironskin crocodile (obviously.) It is made by skinning an ironskin crocodile. The ironskin crocodile does not need to die, as it will quickly regrow its lost skin. Mostly, the ironskin crocodile is captured first, and has some skin stripped from its back, neck, and feet (in those three places, the skin is the hardest and thickest.)

How it Works: It acts as a substitute for iron in a swamp, as iron rusts and is hard to come by in a swamp.

Kashmir's Spork of Anniahlation
donated by Kahsmir Woolsweater, the third

It is a small, metal spork.

History: It was given to Kashmir by his very best friend Birdrender Squirrelfish, who happened to be a Kender Battlerager. He says he got it from uncle Tass, who got it from Raistlin, who was uncle Tass's best friend. (I must note that Kashmir Woolsweater III is one of my characters, and taht this was his main weapon after about sixth level)

How it Works: It is a stabbing weapon that attacks at +3 and does 1d12 damage. It can only be used by Kender, and only after being given as a gift. It prevents itself from being "found" by seeming old, durty, and gennerally uninteresting.

Kender Fork of Twisting
donated by Nightfoot

It looks like an average fork, but it is fire red and has a ruby in the handle. It also has the initials "R.M." Who could that be?...

History: It was made by a very powerful sorceror. He used an average fork as a base, then added a magical properity. The ruby is what gives it such power. It was also shaped slightly different with agic light from a staff.

How it Works: This is the whole reason he made it. It is used to help eat dinner. It atomaticaly twists spagetti perfectly round the end.

Kender Hands
donated by stephen

A pair of very elaborate gloves. There are many gems and little bits of precious metal inset in each glove. However, it's impossible (as far as anyone knows yet) to remove the gems and metals. They're kender-sized. They can fit on halfling hands, but the only function for kender.

History: The history of the Kender Hands is vague at best. The first known appearance of them was when they were discovered by a kender traveler. They didn't need to be identified; apparently they were so bored they just let him know their magical powers. They change hands (forgive the pun) frequently, trying not to let any one kender become too much more successful than any others.

How it Works: For up to one round at a time, the Kender Hands can detach themselves from the hands of the wearer and float around themselves, leaving the owner free to act in other ways. They can't attack or weild weapons while in this state, but they can perform all manual thieving skills (pick pockets, open locks, remove traps). They use theiving skills with a score equal to the owner's percentage base plus 10 percent (not to exceed 95 in any case). After a turn, they must return to the owner within a round. They have a movement rate of 24, and if they can't reach their owner within a round they instantly disappear and reappear somewhere else, eventually to be found by another kender.

Kender Hat of Knowing
donated by Daniel

The Kender Hat of Knowing is an old looking, beat up, dirty cap. The cap was bright blue at one time, but now it is only a dull brownish blue. The cap has a hole in the right side and a muddy feather on the left.

History: First off, only a Kender can use The Kender Hat of Knowing. No one knows where the Kender Hat of Knowing came from. One day someone just saw a Kender (name not to be known at this time) with it prodly displayed on his head. The Kender insisted that he had found it deep in a dark dungeon protected by a great, mean, really nasty wizard. Of course the Kender said that he had been really nice, but of course we all know what that means...

How it Works: The Kender Hat of Knowing is supposed to let the wearer know anything he asks the hat. The Kender must speak out loud to the hat, and the hat will telapahically tell the Kender what is wanted. The hat must be on the Kender's head to work. The hat will shrink/grow to any size to fit the Kender. A command phrase must be spoken to activate the hat(so the Kender doesn't accidently activate it). The command phrase is very simple and is printed on the inside of the hat. Remarkably the instrutions haven't been damaged in any way. The command phrase is-"Hat, would you please tell me what _____ does/is? Depending on the situation, a different phrase is needed, but it is always simple. Note: because the hat isn't a powerful artifact, it cannot tell everything, and can only be used once per day. For example: it could identify a simple magic item, as the spell, or tell in what direction a particular thing lies, but it couldn't identify an artifact or tell where an object is exactly. Still it is a powerful item...too bad the party members will rarely believe the Kender...

Kender shirt of magic
donated by Waterlilly newfoot


What does it look
It is a bright Blue shirt
Made of Silk with red silk sleeves

Who made it? How did you find it?
I was travling with the great Archmage Beleze when
he left suddeny and this shirt was in his place
I think he had a Conclave to attend and they
do not let Kender's in

How it Works:
What does it do? How does it work?
This shirt acts as a Chain Mail +3
it also gives the Kender to cast 5 first second or third
level spell per day.

It works by wearing it.
In order for the spell to work the kender must
know the affects of the spell
It will fit any Kender

It only works for kenders

Kender's ring of keeping
donated by Due

It appears to be a Golden band with two inscriptions written in ancient kender. They read "Me Keep."

History: A great mage once made a ring so powerful, that it could do whatever it's master wanted it to do. When you get, you'd make a statement of what you want it to do, and that would never change. It was stolen by Giggly Barefoot. Her statement was, by accident, "I wish I could at least not get in trouble so often, and that I don't lose this ring or it's powers. At that moment, the ring sealed it's magic, never again to allow any other power to be used.

How it Works: When addorned, the ring halves the chance of getting caught by guards, assassins, angry people, etc., by any creature. When addorned by a kender, the chance of being caught is quartered.

Kenders Hotpants of Reaction
donated by Piers

A pair of hotpants/short-shorts. except.... they're green.

History: Discoverd deep in the elven forests, A kender slipped these on and found out itsss terrible seceret!!!

How it Works: raises reactions towards character from other characters of the opposite sex by 5. plus 5 reaction hotpants. YEAH!

Lighttongue's Shirt of Never Stays Put
donated by Peregrin Lighttongue

This is just yer basic red shirt, with lots of buttons. It has PL embroidered on it (my initials), and patches on the elbows. It also has this big soup stain that just won't go away.

History: My grammy made it for me! She also made the soup that stained it. It was good soup too. She lives in Hylo, so I guess it came from there.

How it Works: It never seems to wanna stay in one place. I go to put it on, and it ends up hanging on the ceiling. Put it in your dresser, it goes to your stove. I even watched it crawl from my bed to the bathtub. Once I was arrested because it crawled off my back and ended up at the butcher shop of all places.

Lord Brinne's Platemail
donated by Jon

A large, thick, and sturdy piece of black-blue steel plate mail, also adorned with onyx and obsidian spikes.

History: Lord Brinne, a dragon lord who died a dishonorable death, had it made and imbued with magical properties. he died from slipping on an icy and treachorous trail in Icewall and impaling his arm to one of the spikes, his blood giving the obsidian a red and tarnished look.It is said that his fall took three of his companions with him, therefore the armor is imbued with their spirits as well as any living being the wearer has killed, further enhancing the wearer's strength and protection.

How it Works: It summons a dead dragons spirit from the Abyss to kill any enemies of the wearer, but if the dragon summoned was a good dragon in life, the wearer gains a sheild resembling the dragons breath power. If a being is killed by the armor, it's spirit is forever trapped inside, to serve their now master after death, and will serve the wearer until the armor is completley burned by the flames of a gold dragon or a red dragon, because the dragons kept inside will only help in the armor's destruction if their living bretheren will help destroy this cursed piece of platemail.

Magnetic Chain Mail -10
donated by JollyFingers Sapdrainer

It looks like a suit of perfectly made chain mail. It will radiate magic if Detect Magic, or some similiar spell, is cast upon it. At first glance it appears to be some version of Elven Chain Mail. Due to it's small size only Kender may wear it. All Kender may wear it.

History: Rumor has it that a group of people of all races, except for Kender of course, got together and thought of a way of getting rid of their Kender companions without them realizing it. This was what they made.

How it Works: Instead of adding to AC, it subtracts 10 from the AC of the wearer, as it tends to draw in all weapons aimed at the poor Kender. But due to it's magnetic qualities and to the fact that it is magically light, it adds 10% to the Kender's Handling abilities, excluding hide which it subtracts 5% to (The makers thought that making it shiny would appeal more to Kender.) It is a cursed item that once put on can only be removed via a Remove Curse spell. Most Kender though, after putting it on will want to wear it because it makes them look so cool, even after they found out what it does.

Mask of Tobigera
donated by Tobigera

A white mask with four eyes and a twisted smile of triangle shaped teeth.

History: Nobody's really sure how it was made. When we were searching for a ship to take us across the Blood Sea, we ran into a piarate wearing this mask. The kender of our party picked it up and walked away with it. When questioned later, he said that the pirate made no effort to stop him.

How it Works: When he said that the former holder of the mask made no effort to stop him, he wasn't kidding. The mask makes everyone ignore whoever wears it. You are NOT invisible, however. People still see and can interact with you (if you talk to them), but they will consider you of importance.

Nevercold, Neverhot Robes
donated by Frido Quickhands

The Nevercold, Neverhot Robes are kendersize fitting blue or red robes, depending on what the kender's decision when donning those robes.

History: Those robes were first originated from the IceWall Glacier, made by a crazy mage out of compassion for a wandering kender who was freezing to death there. Any further information about those robes is unknown, it is assumed that that kender is still wearing those robes, still wandering across Ansalon...

How it Works: Those robes provides its wearer with body heat/cold even in conditions of extreme cold/heat where the wearer has no clothing whatsoever except for the robes. It also restores damage caused by cold/heat at the rate of one point per turn. It provides a saving throw bonus of +2 versus cold/heat-based attacks, and reduces damage sustained by -1 per die.

Ragged Cloth of Wiping Windows
donated by Ghostbuster Lilypad

It's a dirty piece of cloth ripped off of a red shirt.

History: It was found by the first great Gully mage,the great BogGulp, in a myterious laundry sack.

How it Works: It...wipes windows and makes them clean! This is obviously a magical property to the Gullys.

Rainbow Gem
donated by Joe Armes

Small rainboww colored gem.

History: Made by complete accident when a kender mage accidently sneezed on it while casting a color-spray spell.

How it Works: Grants the ability to spit in rainbow- colors,and those spit on turn a random color.

Tasslehoff's clothes
donated by Chao Lord

Tasslehoff's clothes are the exact copy of the famous Tasslehoff Burrfoot's best clothing.

History: It was made by Tasslehoff and a wizard who asked what his name was several times. The wizard enchanted the clothes to make anyone who wore them look just like Tasslehoff.

How it Works: Tasslehoff's clothes make any kender who wears them look exactly like Tasslehoff. The kender gets a +5 fame bonus to all charisma- related checks or skills.

The All Powerful Shoes of Switching
donated by Hannah HalfHaven

They are a pair of lime green shoes with yellow laces and tiny bells around the tops.

History: These shoes were made spicifically for Kender by a Red Robed mage who had been angered by the Conclave. He knew a kender who would do anything to be a mage for a day so he crafted these shoes and gave them to her.

How it Works: When a kender puts these shoes on all they have to do is say something like, "Gee, wouldn't it be neat to be a mage?" and Poof! They're in the body of a mage. While the kender inhabits the mage's body the mage inhabits the kender's body.This works on any race. If a kender inhabits a mages body then he has acess to all the mages spells (Gods help us) and whild the mage won't be able to cast spells in kender form he'll find that he has an excellent pickpocketing skill.

The Amazing Socks of Mint
donated by Kalin Thistleknot

These are light green socks with little green ribbons at the top.

History: One day a kender was traveling down a road, when he met a mage. (uh-oh.) The mage, for some strange reason, grew very flustered, and asked the kender what he wanted in return for staying away from him. The kender, while thinking out loud, said something about "mint socks." The next thing he knew, the wizard was hurrying away and his socks were smelling like a delightful hint of mint!

How it Works: These socks have no special qualities other than smelling and tasting like mint. Don't ask me how they know that they taste like it too...

The Blessed Socks of Tongues
donated by Kalin Thistleknot

These are kneesocks with rainbow stripes.

History: A kender legend says that the goddess Mishakel was traveling when it suddenly started to rain heavily. All she was wearing were leather sandals, and her feet were getting quite cold. She met a kender along the way and commented on her difficulty. The kender was kind enough to lend her her rainbow knee socks, which reportedly kept Mishakel nice and warm. One night after this, when the kender was in the Palanthas jail, Mishakel appeared to her with her socks, freshly cleaned and smelling spring fresh. She asked the kender what one wish she had was, as she would like to thank her for her help. The kender said that she had always wanted to speak other languages. Mishakel smiled and blessed the socks, giving them back to her. Since then, the rainbow-striped knee socks can only be worn by kender. If any other race tries to wear them, they disappear, and they have mysteriously stayed in prime condition.

How it Works: When worn by a kender, these socks will randomly allow the kender to speak in foreign tongues. This will happen spontaneously, and the language is always changing. While this can be quite annoying to the people listening, the kender find it hilariously entertaining, and they have often been used as night- time entertainment in various jails, sending other kender into wild peals of laughter. However, these socks may only be owned by a single kender for three months before they will spontaneously disappear and turn up in another random kender's pouch.

The Boots of Much Mud
donated by Rian Nettlebranch

A pair of leather boots, sized to fit an average dwarf. They appear to be brown, although they're so filthy with dry mud, it's hard to tell. They can never be properly cleaned.

History: As the legend goes, the boots once belonged to a gully dwarf named Botz, that for a short period of time accompanied a kender named Druno Weedcowl on his wanderlust. Botz had this clay ring, which he claimed could teleport any inanimate object. As he tried to demonstrate by teleporting a puddle of mud into his vicinity, the ring somehow appeared on Druno's finger (what do you know, I guess it was magic). As the kender attempted to take the ring off so he could return it to Botz, it got stuck on his finger, and the gully dwarf got the totally wrong impression that Druno was trying, believe it or not, to steal it. Well, you can't blame gully dwarves for having too much intelligence, you know... back to our story, Botz, mad with rage, pulled and pulled at the ring while yelling at the poor kender, "kender no can make magic work! Ring big Botz magic! Ring make Botz much mud!" . Just as Botz yelled that last sentence, the ring became loose and fell to the ground, hitting Botz's boots on it's way. With a flash, Botz found himself standing in a big puddle of fresh mud, much to his delight. The ring was gone, but its magic had transferred to Botz's boots, where it stayed from this day forward (the boots, however, later appeared in Druno's backpack).

How it Works: once worn, the boots magically fit the wearer's feet, providing he or she is no bigger that a dwarf. Upon saying the word of command, "Make Much Mud", the boots create a puddle of thick mud around them (radius of 6'). The mud can cause anyone standing in it to slip and fall, while the wearer can walk in it with ease. Creatures shorter than 2' could get stuck in the mud. The mud itself isn't magical, and it will stay in place untill it dries. The boots can be used 3 times a day, and each creation of a mud puddle takes 1 round.

The Bunny Slippers of Unicorn Riding
donated by Talinia Snapshocker

They are regular-looking bunny slippers, with ears, noses, eyes, and they are really fuzzy.

History: These bunny slippers were made by the infamous IrdaKender Ralhatin Ghaltuan. He captured two real live mygnyl chorts and transformed them into bunny slippers and he put them on and then suddenly went through a Spontaneous Combustion because only true Kender could wear them and live.

How it Works: These seemingly innocent bunny slippers cause anyone not fully kender to spontaneously combust in 3 seconds. If a true kender wears them, he or she can summon a mystical magical unicorn and go for a ride. If the slippers fall off while riding, however, the unicorn disappears and the kender riding falls to the ground with a bruised bottom.

The Cloak of Kenderkind
donated by Skip Furrfoot

These cloak's tend to turn to whatever color the kender wearing them feels like, Ex: blue=sad, the cloaks only come kender-sized so all you humans out there are plumb out of luck!!

History: These cloaks are rumored to have been created by kender although everyone who has heard of this, deny it vehemently, knowing that it's foolish to think that kender have magical talents. These have popped up sometime after the start of Hylo in the west and people are baffled as to how kender managed this...

How it Works: Cloaks of Kenderkind seem to enhance the abilities of handling, taunting, and slipping away un-noticed by others as long as they are wearing these cloaks. Also, on very special occasions(under the light of Solinari) kender have been known to use their excuses and they work!!! Truly these cloaks are great to have for kender, but one problem, it lets them get away un-noticed and they might not get to meet the nice people in jail that they might have met otherwise!!!

The Enchanted Kender Armour
donated by Etherin Softfeet and Arlic Seedwind

The armour looks like it has been pieced together by the most intresting,shiney and magical looking armour, everything from human spiked leather sholders, elvish chain mail, dwarvish chest plate. Anything a kender could convince an armourer to piece together.

History: The armour is said to be made by Uncle Trapsprigers great uncle's, second cousin's, oldest brothers wife's, first cousins Flynn Brightfeathers. He was walking through a forest when he came upon a place where there had been some sort of scuffle and there lay a bunch of dead goblins and all sorts of peices or armour and other intresting things. Flynn gathered up the new things and brought it to his favourite elvish armourer who egar to be rid of him quickly put together the armour enchanting it to stay together forever (so that Flynn never need to come back)

How it Works: The armour will always stay together, for any kender who wears it. The armour is only big enough and decorative enough for a kender to wear.

Game Note:Each new battle/encouter roll a 1d10 to determine a new ac, this is the enchantment on the armour, an alternating armour class

The Glove of Smashing
donated by Peregrin Lighttongue

It kind of looks like a gauntlet from a rather heavy suit of armour, with the remnants of somebody's arm still decomposing inside of it.

History: It was found by a rather adventurous Gully dwarf who happened to come across the corpse of a warrior. The gauntlets looked particularly interesting, and he tried to bring back both of them, but only one would budge, so he took it.

How it Works: It smashes things. Hence it's name. (It doesn't smash rocks or steel or anything, but it does account for the recent rise in broken bones and noses in the Gully Dwarf population.)

The Gloves of Stretchy Metal Things
donated by Edmund Barkwood, Lich slayer

They look like a pair of kender sized mercury gloves, (the substance seems to shift and move but stays intact.) but when a kender puts them on, they turn invisible.

History: I found these when I got lost in a portable hole that I found in the lair of the magical hippo-vampire, Dooper. You see, he was out on an errand to collect grape-fruit, so I thought to take a closer look at his cave (the bushes just don't offer a good enough view). Anyways, I crept in, and saw this hole on the ground. Going over to it, I tripped on a bag of cow-tongues and fell in. Landing in a pile of junk, I saw these amazing looking gloves.

How it Works: When one wears these, he can mentally command the fingers of the gloves to spew out very long and bendable (but razor sharp) "claws" of metal! They can go in any direction and extend twenty feet out. One must stay focused, though, when all his claws are going in every direction, or else you might chop off your own topknot (Reorox forbid!) Each claw does 1d6 damage, +2 to hit because of its speed. All claws can be used at once only 1 time evey two rounds.

The Kender Robes of Wondifferious Stuff
donated by Eilderhownd Grassburner

These robes are plain red with some mouse white trim.On the back is an embroidry of a hoopak leaning near a tree.The inside is lined with pockets and straps for whatever you might need.

History: You and my freinds were all out looking for something to do(well at least I did) Anyway I saw an old red robed mage accidently drop these robes into the nearby river.Thinkig he might need them later on I chased after them.I wound up in HUGE cave. I was intresting because of the low light,and it smelled like wet goblin.I navigated for well over an hour trying to find the mages robes.I came accros a large door that was loked.I easily opend it,thinking that the mage might be there.I was wrong.My freind Draus,his brother Sallinosh and everyones freind,the Dwarf Rhellon Starraxe beating up an oversized bugbear wearing the robes. After the fight I was scolded ad given the tattered beat up robes

How it Works: The robes have a 51% chance of doing whatever yo ask of it once a day. Every three pockets has a magical item or potion inside of it.A +4 AC bonus is enjoyed while wearing the robes. They summon 2d6 gully dwarves a week.If you yell "topknot" 3 times in a row, yours will grow 1d12 feet.It has a 15% chance per successful hit to turn the opponent into a gostsucker bird. 2 of the straps have the ability to infuse a normal peice of parchment with the Summon Cow spell(50%) or the Taunt Smoothly enchantment(50%)

Tunic of Cleanliness
donated by Steinpratt

The Tunic of Cleanliness looks likes an ordinary gully dwarf tunic. However, it is spotlessly clean.

History: Legends say that long ago there was once a wizard who was great friends with a gully dwarf named Bugg. However, the wizard couldn't stand Bugg's filthiness, so he enchanted Bugg's tunic.

How it Works: When worn by a gully dwarf, the gully dwarf cannot get dirty, no matter what happens. It's easy to recognize a gully dwarf wearing the Tunic of Cleanliness, since they aren't in their usual state of being filthy.

Tunic of Enlightenment
donated by Standback

It's a plain tunic, so filthy that it's original color cannot be discerned. It has three shiny buttons below the collar.

History: Legend tells that long, long ago, Branchala and Gilean become angered at the evil god Hiddukel. In the argument that ensued, Branchala spit at Hiddukel, with three globs of spittle landing on his tunic. At somepoint thereafter, a magical kender literally stole the shirt of Hiddukel's back, and gave it to some gully dwarves. But in retrospect, that makes no sense whatsoever.

How it Works: Any gully dwarf staring at the tunic can correctly count the three shiny buttons (which magically never get dirty nor fall off). They suddenly realize that there exist numbers higher than two. Then they look away and promptly go right back to rat hunting.

Ugly Cloak of Unwanting
donated by Alf Featherfoot

It is the uglyist cloak anyone has ever seen.

History: The uglyist witch in the world cast a curse apon this cloak, but the curse backfired making her and the cloak eternaly ugly.

How it Works: Anyone who wears this cloak will be visable but no one will want to look at them. This means you can steal things but not be invisible.

Uncle Chickenkicker's Boots Of The Birds
donated by Kerioff Thistlesilk

What does it look like?

These boots are ankle-high, and are very warm and comfy
because they are lined with stuffing made of every single
type of bird feather, from cockatrice to ducks, but not
goatsucker bird feathers. They're normal brown leather,
and pass as iron shod for anyone just glancing at them.

History: Who made it? How did you find it?

Uncle Chickenkicker (formerly my Uncle Wink's brother Amos)
picked them up one Swap-A-Lot day when he mistook them for
his nephew on my Aunt Rose's side Tunicstainer's Boots of
Wandering when my Uncle Thistlespitter's Detect Magic spell

Anyway, Uncle Chickenkicker put the boots on, and
immediately kicked a chicken! He kept on kicking chickens,
and whatever bird happened to be nearby (though never a
goatsucker bird, proving it to be a real kender magic item,
to his great pride!) This was how he got the name
Chickenkicker, but Uncle Wink, who's a little senile (tho'
most non-kender swear he hasn't changed a bit), still calls
him Amos every now and then.

How it Works: What does it do? How does it work?

Well, first of all, it's not cursed, so any kender wearing
them can take them on or off at will, though they find it's
much more fun to leave them on.

When worn, all kender have a great urge to kick the first
bird they see, excepting *only* goatsucker birds. To
resist this urge, the kender must save at -4 on a wisdom
check, or at a difficulty rating of 16 for Fifth Age

Any kender willingly trying to kick a bird of some sort
(except a goatsucker bird) has a +4 to attack, or an
automatic trump. If they are attempting to kick a
goatsucker bird, they suffer 2d10 points of damage, and get
sore feet for the rest of the day.

Also, they can perfectly mimic the call of the last bird
type they kicked! So, a kender who's just kicked a ruddy-
sided toehee can make that sound without any sort of check
at all. They can automatically use this power with
goatsucker birds- i.e. they don't have to kick them first,
they just have to open their mouth and think about sounding
like a goatsucker bird. The wearer of these boots can also
understand and communicate with goatsucker birds!

If the wearer sticks a goatsucker bird feather in the boots
lining, for every mile he walks, he will attract one
goatsucker bird, *or* one of the last kind of bird he
kicked. So after walking 24 miles in a day, Uncle
Chickenkicker had a flock of 6 goatsucker birds following
him, until he kicked a goose, and then had 4 geese following
him, and then he kicked a swan, and had eight swans after
him, etc. These birds will act as a ranger's followers for
1d4 hours- they'll be friendly and may even fight for the

Last I heard, Uncle Chickenkicker went looking for an Ice
Eagle to kick...

Vest of infinite return
donated by Slate

It's a sparkly gold-spun vest. Fits like it was made for you. It is inlaid with beautiful jewels.

History: It was made by a dragon. Years ago, before time began, this dragon had a cave which held all her most prized possessions. Being typically greedy, the dragon put this vest up in the entryway to his cave.

How it Works: When worn, the wearer has a 89% chance of being called back to the place he got it every 12 hours.

Wet sash
donated by Wizbangthewonderful

Its a soiled red sash, tattered at both ends.

History: In the ruins of some old city, (now a gully dwarf city) this sash was found in a doctors office or hospial of sorts. Origanally intended for crossing deserts and keeping the sick from overheating.

How it Works: This sash is always sopping wet, dripping water constantly. When squeezed it will keep dripping water. A useful adventuring tool in the past, for desert crossings and a supply of water. The gully dwarfs now have it. When twisted and cracked like a whip it stings painfully (1 dmg) and leaves a red welt. owch!

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