Boots of random levitation
donated by Samaenthoff {Sam} Merryfoot

A regular pair of boots made to fit kender feet. Magical runes are etched on the inside of the calf flap.

History: Made by a long dead red robed mage to keep the kender he was traveling with's mouth shut(this backfired, however, because the kender loved them). Came from an unusually long trail while they were lost in the dimesions.

How it Works: every random number of minutes(1d20), the boots rocket the kender forward in a kender-toss simulation. They fly a total of 30 ft. then fall gently. The kender get great fun out of it and it can be useful in pit-crossing situations. On any other but kender they will not work. They emit an aura when a detect magic spell is cast on them. They are not cursed but can be annoying if they are forgotten and left on while in a dungeon, shooting the unfortunate kender into a wall (1d6 damage)

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