Codpiece of many genders
donated by Borrower Thistleknot

When in male hands it looks like a normal steel codpiece. When in female hands it looks like a frilly piece of Lingere.

History: I don't know, I found a frilly piece of Lingere sitting on this pile of bones which SEEMED to belong to an orc... and when I picked it up it turned into a codpiece. I thought it was the coolest thing, so I placed it inside one of my many pouches.

How it Works: When picked up it magically changes to fit your size and gender. Though when equipped the subject changes gender every 2d12 hours. Also it will not come off without a touch of magic aka Remove curse or cursed obeject. When taken off subject stays that gender permanently. (Usually best for a half-orc who is getting on one's nerves... hint-hint GM's)

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