Corynna Skylark's Vest of Pockets
donated by Corynna Skylark

The Vest of Pockets is a leather vest consisting of twenty differently-colored pockets all around it. Each pocket is roughly 4-6 inches in width (which limits the size of things put in them). Each pocket is tied shut with a colored ribbon that usually does not match the color of the pocket.

History: Dara Flor'Tel, an archmagus of Krynn and artificer by passion, created this item for the kender who was centrally instrumental in saving her life. Dara had always had a soft spot for kender in general (and being human, this was rare indeed!), though she usually did not allow them into her lab. After finishing the Vest of Pockets, she invited Corynna into the lab and offered it as a present. Three days later, she realized that a rod of lightning and a ring of chameleon power were missing, but, being somewhat (or completely) absent-minded, she promptly forgot about it and still holds Corynna in the highest regard.

How it Works: Anything may be held in these pockets, providing they fit into the 4-6 inch opening. One pocket holds six items. Once within the pocket, items may not react to one another, so putting straw and a match in the same pocket has no chance of starting a fire. Also, anything living that is put into the pockets remains so, and it may not escape unless pulled out by the kender's hand. Some type of anti-magic spell is also in effect, preventing any magical effects from occuring until the item is pulled out of the pocket (including that nasty effect when a bag of holding is placed in a bag of holding). The ribbons that close each pocket magically seal the pocket closed, incurring the above effects. Finally, each pocket acts much as a bag of holding in that they are as deep as they need to be. For example, a kender would be able to place a 4-in. diameter quarterstaff in the pocket with room to hold 5 more items, but he could not put a 7-inch plate in any pocket. How to use the Vest of Pockets: Draw up a sheet marked 1-20 with 6 spaces under each number. Then the kender or DM rolls a d20 to determine which pocket is opened. Roll a d6 to determine which of the six items in that pocket are pulled out. NOTE: This item may only be used by kender (and half-kender).

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