Lord Brinne's Platemail
donated by Jon

A large, thick, and sturdy piece of black-blue steel plate mail, also adorned with onyx and obsidian spikes.

History: Lord Brinne, a dragon lord who died a dishonorable death, had it made and imbued with magical properties. he died from slipping on an icy and treachorous trail in Icewall and impaling his arm to one of the spikes, his blood giving the obsidian a red and tarnished look.It is said that his fall took three of his companions with him, therefore the armor is imbued with their spirits as well as any living being the wearer has killed, further enhancing the wearer's strength and protection.

How it Works: It summons a dead dragons spirit from the Abyss to kill any enemies of the wearer, but if the dragon summoned was a good dragon in life, the wearer gains a sheild resembling the dragons breath power. If a being is killed by the armor, it's spirit is forever trapped inside, to serve their now master after death, and will serve the wearer until the armor is completley burned by the flames of a gold dragon or a red dragon, because the dragons kept inside will only help in the armor's destruction if their living bretheren will help destroy this cursed piece of platemail.

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