The Enchanted Kender Armour
donated by Etherin Softfeet and Arlic Seedwind

The armour looks like it has been pieced together by the most intresting,shiney and magical looking armour, everything from human spiked leather sholders, elvish chain mail, dwarvish chest plate. Anything a kender could convince an armourer to piece together.

History: The armour is said to be made by Uncle Trapsprigers great uncle's, second cousin's, oldest brothers wife's, first cousins Flynn Brightfeathers. He was walking through a forest when he came upon a place where there had been some sort of scuffle and there lay a bunch of dead goblins and all sorts of peices or armour and other intresting things. Flynn gathered up the new things and brought it to his favourite elvish armourer who egar to be rid of him quickly put together the armour enchanting it to stay together forever (so that Flynn never need to come back)

How it Works: The armour will always stay together, for any kender who wears it. The armour is only big enough and decorative enough for a kender to wear.

Game Note:Each new battle/encouter roll a 1d10 to determine a new ac, this is the enchantment on the armour, an alternating armour class

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