Girdle of the Kender
donated by stephen

A perfectly normal girdle or belt. Sometimes with a few money-filled pouches on it.

History: To make a long story short, a kender wizard (something uncommon indeed) blew a gasket and decided to create this cursed item (although some may not see it as a curse) to assimilate the non-kender races of Krynn.

How it Works: Upon donning the girdle, the wearer is instantly and irrevocably (irrevocably: removing the girdle does not undo the curse) transformed into a 1st level kender handler. This change imparts no changes to ability scores, equipment carried, or memory, although it certainly will change the attitude of the former non-kender. The wearer is as if he had dual-classed--he retains HP but not proficiencies or anything else, but upon reaching the level of experience he was at before donning the girdle he still remains a kender handler. If a kender puts on this girdle, it malfunctions and has a 75% chance of permanently losing its power.

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