Armor of the Five Flames
donated by Adison

It is a Chest piece, 2 Bracers, and 2 Anklets. Comes with optional Sword of the Silver Flame.

History: It was created by an old sorcerer.

How it Works: On command, the armor is engulfed in flames. All unarmed attacks are enchanted by the flames. Right arm is the White Flame of Good and does +1d6 Fire Damage and +1d6 Good Damage. Left arm is the Black Flame of Choas and does +1d6 Fire Damage and +1d6 Choas Damage. Right leg is the Green Flame of Acid and does +1d6 Fire Damage and +1d6 Acid Damage. Left leg is Blue Flame of Lightning and does +1d6 of Fire Damage and +1d6 Electrical Damage. Chest is the Red Flame of Fire and anybody in melee suffers 1d4 Fire Damage. The sword has the Silver Flame of Air and does +1d6 Fire Damage and +1d6 Air Damage. It can be worn by any humanoid race and by any class except any with a Aquadic/Water subtype.

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