Kender's ring of keeping
donated by Due

It appears to be a Golden band with two inscriptions written in ancient kender. They read "Me Keep."

History: A great mage once made a ring so powerful, that it could do whatever it's master wanted it to do. When you get, you'd make a statement of what you want it to do, and that would never change. It was stolen by Giggly Barefoot. Her statement was, by accident, "I wish I could at least not get in trouble so often, and that I don't lose this ring or it's powers. At that moment, the ring sealed it's magic, never again to allow any other power to be used.

How it Works: When addorned, the ring halves the chance of getting caught by guards, assassins, angry people, etc., by any creature. When addorned by a kender, the chance of being caught is quartered.

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