The Boots of Much Mud
donated by Rian Nettlebranch

A pair of leather boots, sized to fit an average dwarf. They appear to be brown, although they're so filthy with dry mud, it's hard to tell. They can never be properly cleaned.

History: As the legend goes, the boots once belonged to a gully dwarf named Botz, that for a short period of time accompanied a kender named Druno Weedcowl on his wanderlust. Botz had this clay ring, which he claimed could teleport any inanimate object. As he tried to demonstrate by teleporting a puddle of mud into his vicinity, the ring somehow appeared on Druno's finger (what do you know, I guess it was magic). As the kender attempted to take the ring off so he could return it to Botz, it got stuck on his finger, and the gully dwarf got the totally wrong impression that Druno was trying, believe it or not, to steal it. Well, you can't blame gully dwarves for having too much intelligence, you know... back to our story, Botz, mad with rage, pulled and pulled at the ring while yelling at the poor kender, "kender no can make magic work! Ring big Botz magic! Ring make Botz much mud!" . Just as Botz yelled that last sentence, the ring became loose and fell to the ground, hitting Botz's boots on it's way. With a flash, Botz found himself standing in a big puddle of fresh mud, much to his delight. The ring was gone, but its magic had transferred to Botz's boots, where it stayed from this day forward (the boots, however, later appeared in Druno's backpack).

How it Works: once worn, the boots magically fit the wearer's feet, providing he or she is no bigger that a dwarf. Upon saying the word of command, "Make Much Mud", the boots create a puddle of thick mud around them (radius of 6'). The mud can cause anyone standing in it to slip and fall, while the wearer can walk in it with ease. Creatures shorter than 2' could get stuck in the mud. The mud itself isn't magical, and it will stay in place untill it dries. The boots can be used 3 times a day, and each creation of a mud puddle takes 1 round.

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