Dragons of Slipperkind
donated by Spoonhanger Kickbottom

These are 1' tall dragons (real, not porcelain or gold) that are always found in pairs.

History: They usually speak common and have kenderlike personalities (whoa, this could go under new races as well.) the thing that sets them apart from most other species of dragon is a big hole in their back which are suitable for kender and gnome feet to be placed in (no others will fit.) When a kender (or gnome) sticks his cute little feet (in the case of a kender) or non cute feet inside these holes the dragons become inanimate and transforms into boots of dragonskin. But the real magic is the fact that when you have these on, you are clothed an illusion of a large pink bunny slipper. walking around makes the illusion seems to hop.

How it Works: For other questions, just look in the tome o'magic under slippers of dragon kind. (only pair currently owned by Spoonhanger Kickbottom)

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