Kashmir's Spork of Anniahlation
donated by Kahsmir Woolsweater, the third

It is a small, metal spork.

History: It was given to Kashmir by his very best friend Birdrender Squirrelfish, who happened to be a Kender Battlerager. He says he got it from uncle Tass, who got it from Raistlin, who was uncle Tass's best friend. (I must note that Kashmir Woolsweater III is one of my characters, and taht this was his main weapon after about sixth level)

How it Works: It is a stabbing weapon that attacks at +3 and does 1d12 damage. It can only be used by Kender, and only after being given as a gift. It prevents itself from being "found" by seeming old, durty, and gennerally uninteresting.

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